DWTS : See ya Buzz!

| April 7, 2010 at 6:36 AM EDT

I hate to say anything bad about Buzz! But I don’t think anyone’s doubting that the right person was voted off this week on DWTS! Kate may have a little more to think about now that Jon wants the kids! Check out these links for this and other info…

Yahoo news – Buzz voted off!

Reality TV World – DWTS twirls past American Idol..

Norwalk Reflector – FBI investigating death threats to Erin Andrews..

AP/Google – Jon wants the kids!

The Vancouver Sun – Kate, Superbitch?

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Buzz Aldrin Sent Home on DWTS

| April 6, 2010 at 10:27 PM EDT

No, Kate Gosselin was not in the bottom two yet again.  What is going on this season?  Do the viewers just not care that she is not any good?  I don’t understand the general public’s love for this woman. 

I would much rather have Buzz Aldrin around another week than her but unfortunately the 80 year old moon walker was voted out tonight but he left an amazing impression on all those who watched him and hopefully encouraged others they could take the iniative and try something new and different. 

Our other couple in the bottom two was none other than reality star Jake Pavelka and I must say I was pretty pumped by this because I didn’t like how Jake talked to Chelsie Hightower, his partner, during rehearsals and demanding respect from her, What was that?  Dude, she doesn’t have to respect you.  You have to respect her and do what she says because she is trying to teach you something.  Get over yourself.  I can’t stand men like him because he totally reminds me of my ex husband.  YUCK!!  I’d say fiance Vienna Girardi needs to take some notes and look out because he will be going off on her soon enough.  I’m hoping next week America will get it right and put Kate and Jake both in the bottom two.  What did you think about tonight’s elimination?

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DWTS: Kate Needs to GOOOO

| April 6, 2010 at 9:34 AM EDT

Am I the only who thinks Kate Gosselin’s time on Dancing With The Stars needs to come to an end?  Let’s face it, the lady has no rhythm and after last night’s performance of Lady Ga Ga’s hit song “Paparazzi” I am even more convinced the reality star needs to be sent home to her kids.

Her continual bad moods and crying outbursts during rehearsals tells me that maybe doing this show was a little too soon for her after going through a very public divorce and seeing her husband with another woman. 

The judges were none too kind after she danced the paso doble with partner Tony Dolovani.  Kate says the song spoke to her because she is constantly followed and photographed by the paparazzi.  After watching her I felt like all she did was walk around on stage instead of flowing into a dance.  Len Goodman said, “There was no passion, drama, intensity.  It wasn’t very good Kate.  Sorry.”  Bruno Tonioli told her she looked like a “super bitch from hell” and that was suppose to be a compliment.  He went on to say it looked like she was walking so next time try dancing. (Ouch!)  Carrie Ann Inaba thought the whole thing was odd and hard to watch.  I know I am in complete agreement with judges on this and when your scores are pretty much the same as the 80 year old Buzz Aldrin maybe it’s time to get back to the home front and try something else.  What did you think about Kate’s performance last night?

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Once, Twice, Three times the ladies!

| April 4, 2010 at 10:53 PM EDT

The ladies once again showed who’s runnin things on Celebrity Apprentice! 3 in a row isn’t just a fluke…it isn’t just luck…1 time, maybe 2 possibly, but 3? No way…and once again, the right guy got fired! With the exception of the 1st week, I think the right person’s been fired..

Now that I gave the ladies their props, I don’t think either one’s presentation was anything spectacular! I thought the girls speech was pretty silly..I thought it was hilarious that Selita was reading off cards! LOL…but then once I seen the guys, suddenly the girls didn’t look so bad! I mean come on!! I thought the guys thing was just sooo cheesy! I can’t help but laugh! Even now as I’m writing this…LOL…

I think once the ladies do lose, all hell’s gonna break loose! That little spat between Holly/Candice vs. Cindy and now Sharon, has only just begun..All they need is a loss to spark it! That’s why I was kind of hoping the women would lose..I know, I’m terrible!

How may people are like shocked to see Rod and realize this guy was actually the Governor of Illinois! I know Ashley touched on this, his inability to use a computer last week and now this week, not being able to text or email? What is that?? Then when he starts talking, he actually sounds like he knows what’s he talking about, even though a lot of times, he’s not giving a straight answer! CLASSIC politician! It might be funny, if there weren’t a ton more in Government right now just like him!

At least he went out being loyal! Even after a good hammering from Trump and Crew, Rod stuck with his decision to give Bret a pass..I was like cringing watching Bret dodge all those bullets! I’m like, “Shutup Erin!” and I used to like her too..lol jk, I still like her..

I just thought that was pretty cool for Rod to do that..most would have caved and brought Bret in…especially when Bret said he’d do it, if he were Rod! I’m like, “Um, Shut UP BRET!!”..LOL….for real though, I think Rod would have been fired, even if Bret did come back to the boardroom..but you just never know, so I was glad to see Bret walk out safe..

The guys better snap with it! BTW, I think Goldberg is just a tiny bit away from going off..it could be entertaining! I haven’t looked at any spoilers, so I don’t know who’s gonna be project manager’s next week or who wins…but if the guys don’t win, it’s gonna be awfully hard to for them to come back..Unless, the girls self destruct..and with those girls? You KNOW it can happen..


The Amazing Race Recap

| April 4, 2010 at 7:56 PM EDT

The teams race from the Seychelles to Malaysia in this episode of The Amazing Race.  At the Snake Temple they must choose between a 153 step climb or balancing a flagpole on their heads to receive their next clue.  Steve and Allie will depart first and since they left their backpacks on the last leg of the race, they only have the clothes on their backs.  The detectives help Steve out and give him a change of underwear.  All teams travel on the same flight to Malaysia.

Everyone is heading to the Snake Temple and the brother’s taxi driver is racing by all the other teams and they arrive first.  The Cowboys can’t find a taxi so they are still in last place for the moment.

Carol and Brandy, Caite and Brent, Louis and Michael, decide to carry the six large sticks of incense up the stairs.  They can only carry 2 at a time and Carol and Brandy are struggling while Louis is hacking up a lung.  Caite and Brent are in great shape compared to the others.  In the meantime, the brothers and Steve and Allie are on foot still trying to find the place.   The brothers make it to the stairs first while Steve and Allie try the flagpoles but Allie says there is no way she can do that so they are now racing to the stairs in last place.

Jet and Cord are going to try and balance the flag on their foreheads and do really well and get it the first time so they are now in first place.  They are on their way to the next clue.   They have to complete a speed bump which has something to do with picking out the correct tea from the tropical spice garden and delivering the tea to a guru who will send them to their next clue.  They complete this task and are still in first place while the other teams are still trying to race up and down the stairs with the incense. 

Road Block: They must smash coconuts and make some kind of hindu offering that they guru will send of to sea.  The Cowboy’s are way ahead of the other teams and complete this task before any other teams even arrive and receive the clue for the pit stop and are the first team to arrive.  The receive a trip for two to Maui and Phil tells them they are the first team to ever come in last place and the next leg complete the speed bump and come in first.  They got lucky with the flag pole.

Carol and Brandy arrive second.
Luis and Michael are third.
Caite and Brent are fourth.
Dan and Jordan are fifth.

Steve and Allie are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Too bad because they were one of my favorite teams. I really don’t want the brothers to win.


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