Survivor 2.0 : Quest for the hidden immunity idols!

| April 15, 2010 at 10:56 PM EDT

Really Survivor? ANOTHER Hidden immunity idol? Wow..I really don’t mind a hidden idol maybe like once for the season and if the person that has it is voted off, then put it back in play..but once it’s used, it should be burned up for the game!! And I can even see having 2, cuz of the 2 teams, but for me at least, this is a little much..I’d like to see more straight up “game”, and I think too many hidden idols may take away from the least a little!

Tonight’s reward benefited who else but Parvati! Man, some people just have all the LUCK huh! LOL..and it’s hard to complain about Russell and the idols when you got people throwing it at him! I mean we’re seeing a whole new level a stupidity, no? J.T. come on! You’re a winner! You should know this! You just DON’T give things like that away! Especially to the other side!

Let me ask this..why is J.T trying to save Russell? Why does it seem everyone is intent on saving Russell? Is it that J.T.’s worried that his girls will side with the villain girls when they merge? If so, WHY wouldn’t Amanda or Candice bring this up and be like, “ you not trust us?” Cuz if J.T. wanted to save Russell, he’s basically saying he needs a guy cuz the girls will take over..right? Or am I not seeing something?

Had J.T. not done that, they would have seen Russell was still there and would have figured out, he WASN’T on the outs! Nothing like jumping the gun AND screwing yourself in the process! LOL

What’s the big deal with letting Russell go? Even though J.T. didn’t see Russell’s season, he’s gotta know, that Russell is there for a reason..he’s a villain, Duh! Let him go!! Then it’s still 5 and 5..does it really matter if it’s girls or guys? I think both tribes will side with each other anyway..This will help Russell..and whether you like the guy or not, you have to ask if it’s more that he’s good or are the other people just THAT clueless? I always said that some players who would seem to be an easy vote off, survive on the “lack of game” from others..I’m not sure that’s the case with Russell..tonight he definitely benefited! But overall? I’m not sure which is the case..I’m just saying, other people not playing very smart, has to at least be thrown in the mix when discussing if Russell’s the best of all time..

Next week we’ll see the merge..There can’t be another hidden immunity idol can there?? LOL..


Adam Lambert Returns to American Idol

| April 14, 2010 at 9:57 PM EDT

Finally, we hear someone perform on the idol stage with true talent.  Adam Lambert returned this week to mentor the Top 9 for Elvis week and performed Whataya Want From Me on the results show.

Adam opens the song in a swirling cloud of green lasers shaped like a cone.  The version of the song is something new and different that only Adam can do.  Hopefully the idols are taking notes of his performance because they desperately need to bring some kind of rockin excitement to the stage instead of all the blah boring slow ballads they consistently sing from week to week.

Siobhan Magnus, known for her screams this season, should pay particular attention to how Adam hits the high notes and still manages to stay on key.

Ryan Seacrest, who is acting pretty normal this evening for a change exclaims, “Now that’s a performance!”  Adam thanks American Idol for preparing him for the real world of the music industry and says he wouldn’t have gotten this far without it. 

I’m saying Adam gives the best performance of the season. What did you think?

SirLinksalot American Idol


The “Big 3” will be around for another week on DWTS!!

| April 14, 2010 at 6:44 AM EDT

Bye Aiden! I don’t think he’ll be missed too much! He’s not one of the “Big 3” so I think the show will continue with the good ratings..

I gotta admit, as much as I want her gone, I’m enjoying the nationwide bashfest of Kate Gosselin! The Jimmy Fallon bit, the comments from Bruno on George Lopez..this is some great material! Lol..I know everyone’s talking about the shows high ratings, and yes a lot of it, if not most of it is because of Kate! But it’s not cuz people like her..she’s in that “Love to Hate” category, and people are watching, kinda like when you a traffic accident..its horrible but you can’t look away!

Despite some positive comments from the judges, Kate is lacking the hard work needed to nail down these fact I think most of them are not putting in the hard work that sets you apart from the rest..

Chad seems to be falling for Cheryl..Pam seems absolutely smitten in rehearsals AND during the show..I’ve seen that look, I’ve seen those me, Pam wants more than “Chemistry” between them!

How about Jake? He survived another week..All his positive talk didn’t do too much for his performance..this guy is so corny I almost feel bad for him..I said almost! I KNOW I wasn’t the only one who laughed and kinda wanted to see him fall when he slipped and if there’s one girl who’s not feeling it with their partner, I think it’s Chelsie! Did you see that, ” Dude! Back up off me!” body language at the end of their routine? Or was it just me?

I think if those 3, Jake, Pamela and especially Kate get voted off, I think the ratings take a huge dip..

I also think it’s heading for a Nicole vs. Evan showdown for 1st and 2nd place..

I’m not a big fan of the dual scoring system! It’s like all those technical things the judges mentioned in the dance go right over most peoples heads! Show us some good dancing and give a number between 1 and 10!

What is this, the Olympics? They shouldn’t try and fix what’s not broken..the formula is simple, now dance!

And how about a little more interesting dances? I feel like I’m at my grandmas house watching, it’s so slow! Maybe they’re going for an older audience..sure they beat AI last week in ratings, but in the key demo of 18-49, AI still came out on top..

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DWTS: Pamela Still Sizzles while Kate Fizzles Out

| April 12, 2010 at 9:58 PM EDT

Kate Gosselin once again showed her lack of musicality by dancing a lack luster Tango with her partner Tony Dovolani.  Her off screen chaotic life is reflecting in her learning to dance and her attitude toward life in general.  I’m sure finding out that ex husband Jon is taking her back to court for primary custody of the kids is not making things any better for the reality star.  Perhaps she needs to take some time to figure out her personal life instead of continuing on in this competition.  The judges bragged she gave her best dance to date but she still received the lowest scores of the evening.

Pamela Anderson on the other hand brought life to the stage with a Rumba.  While dancing a more restrained and tasteful  dance tonight she still exuded sex appeal.  Bruno said, “Pamela can do refinement and elegance and still be drop dead sexy.”  I was pretty shocked to see her glide into those splits at the end of the arrangement.  The chemistry between her and partner, Damian Whitewood is amazing and fun to watch.  I believe she will continue to improve as the weeks go by if she remains in the show.  Carrie Ann said she thought there was magic happening and a beautiful sophistication.  Maybe she can give Kate some lessons on how to move those hips.

The best scores of the night went to Olympic Gold Medal figure skater Evan Lysacek with former Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger right behind.  Everyone else is pretty much middle of the pack with Chad Ochocinco having the best chance to improve and actually give it a go for first place.  Who did you think shined in tonight dances?

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Celebrity Apprentice: The men win, yet still lose!

| April 12, 2010 at 12:38 AM EDT

Finally the guys broke out of their funk! Lol.. A bittersweet win cuz they lost Michael Johnson, which for me didn’t matter cuz unless he’s running track for the U.S.A. in the Olympics, I’m not a big fan of see ya Mikey!

I think we might see a lady added to the guys team next week, no? I hate to say it, but Sharon should probably just throw the towel in and go..I don’t see her being able to snap it together for the next project, but we’ll see..

I’m so glad the men won! Had they lost, you just know, personal issues or not, Bret would have been thrown under the bus, again! Even though he questioned himself, Bret had that whole commercial in his head before they did it! It ended up being the task that broke their 3 loss streak! So I’m sooo hoping he doesn’t have to leave because of his daughters health ! I usually can’t help myself but to rip on someone crying on TV, but when it’s someone’s kid, I don’t go there..

The ladies strong foundation has not only cracked, but its seems to be crumbling fast! I love it! LOL..I would have loved to see Holly go! Notice how she moves right past the point that she didn’t even wanna see the final viral ad? Nothing like a blatant setup for Maria huh!

And just a little 2 cents here..I could care less about Cyndi going to see the President..IMO, that’s not a very good reason to be gone, and then because of that, given a pass for the week? What,they all can’t find something like that to attend? Maybe it’s just me cuz I’m so sick of her..

I’m glad Trump didn’t bite on the tag team from Holly and Selita on Maria and I was glad to see Selita go! Also I’m glad to see Curtis win for an American based charity! See that Selita?

And how fake of Selita to run her mouth about Maria AFTER she gets done giving her the fake BS when she’s face to face, hugging her! Bye Selita!!

I think Holly also got a pass tonight along with Sharon and Cyndi..there were good reasons to fire her, but I can live with Selita being FIRED!!

Sirlinksalot Celebrity Apprentice


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