The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers: Chance Pena Blind Audition (VIDEO)

| September 30, 2015 at 10:30 AM EST

Week 2 of the Voice Blinds is behind us and we ended with a bang last night on The Voice USA 2015! The coaches on The Voice USA Season 9 don’t have that many openings left on their teams and that means they are being a little more picky about when they are hitting their buttons, like when Chance Pena took the stage on The Voice 2015 last night. He had some nerves, but he is only 15 years old and I think he is going to do well in this competition. Check out the Chance Pena blind audition on The Voice Season 9 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds - Chance Pena

His parents own gyms and opened the first crossfit gym in Texas. He is freaking 15 years old and how these kids age these days, geez! He has a weird sound to his voice, but it sounds cool. You can sense his nerves and he is doing weird things with his arm. He has some pitch problems too, but he gets Adam to hit his button on The Voice USA 2015!

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Survivor Second Chance 2015 Spoilers: Week 2 Preview (PHOTOS)

| September 30, 2015 at 10:12 AM EST

After an exciting first week on Survivor Second Chance 2015, we are back for some more drama tonight on Survivor Season 31 and with Abi still on the island, the drama is definitely going to still be coming. Remember though, she is going to play Survivor Cambodia 2015 differently then before! Yeah, that lasted like ten minutes of being with her tribe! Check out a Week 2 preview below in our Survivor Second Chance 2015 spoilers!

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Survivor Second Chance 2015 Spoilers - Week 2 Preview

Last week on Survivor Season 31, it was time for the Season 31 premiere and it started off pretty strong. These were all familiar faces, as they have all played the game before and lost, so America voted and gave these 20 castaways a second chance at winning that $1 million. They were divided into tribes and camps were being built and new alliances formed. Kelley Wentworth went searching for a Hidden Immunity Idol and discovered a clue for it, which could be found at the Immunity Challenge, which is new this season! She was able to sneak in there and grab it, so good for her! At Tribal Council, it came down to Vytas and Abi and it was Vytas getting more votes and he was the first castaway voted off!

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The Voice USA 2015 Recap: Night 4 – Voice Blinds (VIDEO)

| September 29, 2015 at 7:00 PM EST

We have another night of Voice Blinds ahead of us on The Voice USA 2015 tonight, as The Voice coaches 2015 (Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams) look to add more artists to their already growing teams! After a proposal last night on The Voice USA Season 9, what can the producers bring us tonight? Check it out with us during our The Voice USA 2015 Recap and see videos of all the performances below!

The Voice USA2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds Night 3 Recap

Last night on The Voice 2015 Season 9, the coaches continued their journey to finding the artists to fill their teams. We had a pretty good night of performances and that is what I love about these Voice Blinds. We don’t know the artists and it is our first chance to really get to know them. To be honest, I thought Jeffrey Austin was a little annoying during his package video and I didn’t think I would like him. He went out on that stage and he wowed me with his blind audition! I loved his voice and I think Team Gwen got a steal by being the only coach to hit their button for him! Which artists make it through tonight?

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Dancing with the Stars 2015: Week 3 – Nick and Sharna Waltz (VIDEO)

| September 29, 2015 at 10:24 AM EST

The couples on Dancing with the Stars 2015 took on TV Night and performed to some famous TV theme songs from the previous years. It seemed like the judges on DWTS 2015 may have taken some crazy pills on the night, as their comments were not lining up to mine like they usually do. However, Nick Carter and Sharna Burgess definitely impressed everyone with their Viennese Waltz on Dancing with the Stars Season 21! Check out the Nick and Sharna performance on DWTS Season 21 last night below in our Dancing with the Stars 2015 spoilers!


For the performance, they are dancing to the theme song of Downton Abbey. They may have struggled in rehearsals, but they worked it out for tonight! He did a great job and they looked very good together. He also happened to look very good in that tux!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers: Jeffrey Austin Blind Audition (VIDEO)

| September 29, 2015 at 10:18 AM EST

We continued the Voice Blinds last night on NBC and we had another shocker on The Voice USA 2015, at least a shocker for me! Jeffrey Austin seemed to annoy me before taking the stage and I didn’t think I was going to like him. He opened his mouth and took on a Sam Smith song on The Voice USA Season 9 and I fell in love! Check out the Jeffrey Austin blind audition on The Voice 2015 Season 9 last night below in our The Voice USA 2015 spoilers!

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The Voice USA 2015 Spoilers - Voice Blinds - Jeffrey Austin Audition

For the performance, he did musicals in high school, but went into public relations in college and doubted his abilities. He got a job in NYC and seeing everyone pursue their dreams made him want to get back into music. I didn’t think I would like him, but the ginger won me over with his voice! He gave me chills while singing and I love the ton of his voice! Gwen hits her button early and is the only one to hit it!

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