CBS has released the eighteen names and nine teams for the Hunted cast in the debut season starting January 2017. We now have our first details on who the runners will be as they look to evade capture over a 28 day adventure.

Hunted Cast of Fugitives on 2017 season

Each of the teams consist of two “fugitives” who will be sticking together as they dash across the 100,000 square mile range for the show. There’s a $250,000 prize waiting for each and every pair, if they can make it the full four weeks. I’m guessing there won’t be many who can pull this off, but we’ll see who has what it takes later in January.

Here’s the run down of each of the teams with family, friends, and romances in the mix here. Let’s hope none of these dating couples decide a few weeks on the lam was more than enough for them! Any early predictions on which pairs have an advantage here?

Hunted Cast of Fugitives

We’ve got each fugitive’s name, age, occupation, and current hometown along with the pair’s relationship. Learn all about the Hunted cast here:

Team Matt & Christina - Hunted

Team Matt & Christina:
Matt Sundberg (27) – Commercial Realtor – Charleston, SC
Christina Zapolski (24) – Model – Charleston, SC
Relationship: Engaged

Team David & Emiley on Hunted

Team David & Emiley:
David Windecher (38) – Criminal Defense Attorney – Miami, FL
Emiley Cox (27) – Online Clothing Boutique Owner – Anniston, AL
Relationship: Dating

Team Angela & Michele on Hunted

Team Angela & Michele:
Angela Brinson (49) – Retail Sales Associate – Atlanta, GA
Michele Domineck (49) – Hairstylist – Atlanta, GA
Relationship: Childhood friends

Team Troy & Chele on Hunted

Team Troy & Chele:
Troy Pfost (43) – Airsoft Gun Shop Owner – New Port Richey, FL
Chele Pfost (40) – Airsoft Gun Shop Owner – New Port Richey, FL
Relationship: Married

Team Lee & Hilmar on Hunted

Team Lee & Hilmar:
Lee Wilson (34) – Escape Room Business Owner – Jackson, FL
Hilmar Skagfield (28) – IT Consultant – Tallahassee, FL
Relationship: Best friends

Team English & Stephen on Hunted

Team English & Stephan:
English King (37) – Clinical Audiologist – Hillsborough, NC
Stephen King (38) – Stay-at-home Father – Hillsborough, NC
Relationship: Married

Team Aarif & Immad on Hunted

Team Aarif & Immad:
Aarif Mirza (32) – Marketing Consultant – Chicago, IL
Immad Ahmed (35) – COO, Nonprofit for Refugees – Plainfield, IN
Relationship: Friends

Team Sentra & Thu on Hunted

Team Sentra & Thu:
Sentra Tran (30) – Real Estate Agent – Atlanta, GA
Thu Tran (32) – Photographer – Atlanta, GA
Relationship: Friends

Team Miles & Will on Hunted

Team Miles & Will:
Miles Svoboda (26) – Medical Device Salesman – Atlanta, GA
Will Muzika (25) – Social Media Manager – Spartanburg, SC
Relationship: Friends

Unsurprisingly everyone is from the southeast, since that is where the show will be set, and we’ve got the most from Atlanta. It’d be interesting to compare performances with people outside of the area, but if the teams all start at home then this makes sense.

Remember the new season starts on January 22, 2017 after football that night before moving over to Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT. Join us on Facebook, Twitter, and get our Email Updates for more Hunted coverage!