Am I the only who thinks Kate Gosselin’s time on Dancing With The Stars needs to come to an end?  Let’s face it, the lady has no rhythm and after last night’s performance of Lady Ga Ga’s hit song “Paparazzi” I am even more convinced the reality star needs to be sent home to her kids.

Her continual bad moods and crying outbursts during rehearsals tells me that maybe doing this show was a little too soon for her after going through a very public divorce and seeing her husband with another woman. 

The judges were none too kind after she danced the paso doble with partner Tony Dolovani.  Kate says the song spoke to her because she is constantly followed and photographed by the paparazzi.  After watching her I felt like all she did was walk around on stage instead of flowing into a dance.  Len Goodman said, “There was no passion, drama, intensity.  It wasn’t very good Kate.  Sorry.”  Bruno Tonioli told her she looked like a “super bitch from hell” and that was suppose to be a compliment.  He went on to say it looked like she was walking so next time try dancing. (Ouch!)  Carrie Ann Inaba thought the whole thing was odd and hard to watch.  I know I am in complete agreement with judges on this and when your scores are pretty much the same as the 80 year old Buzz Aldrin maybe it’s time to get back to the home front and try something else.  What did you think about Kate’s performance last night?

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