The ladies once again showed who’s runnin things on Celebrity Apprentice! 3 in a row isn’t just a fluke…it isn’t just luck…1 time, maybe 2 possibly, but 3? No way…and once again, the right guy got fired! With the exception of the 1st week, I think the right person’s been fired..

Now that I gave the ladies their props, I don’t think either one’s presentation was anything spectacular! I thought the girls speech was pretty silly..I thought it was hilarious that Selita was reading off cards! LOL…but then once I seen the guys, suddenly the girls didn’t look so bad! I mean come on!! I thought the guys thing was just sooo cheesy! I can’t help but laugh! Even now as I’m writing this…LOL…

I think once the ladies do lose, all hell’s gonna break loose! That little spat between Holly/Candice vs. Cindy and now Sharon, has only just begun..All they need is a loss to spark it! That’s why I was kind of hoping the women would lose..I know, I’m terrible!

How may people are like shocked to see Rod and realize this guy was actually the Governor of Illinois! I know Ashley touched on this, his inability to use a computer last week and now this week, not being able to text or email? What is that?? Then when he starts talking, he actually sounds like he knows what’s he talking about, even though a lot of times, he’s not giving a straight answer! CLASSIC politician! It might be funny, if there weren’t a ton more in Government right now just like him!

At least he went out being loyal! Even after a good hammering from Trump and Crew, Rod stuck with his decision to give Bret a pass..I was like cringing watching Bret dodge all those bullets! I’m like, “Shutup Erin!” and I used to like her jk, I still like her..

I just thought that was pretty cool for Rod to do that..most would have caved and brought Bret in…especially when Bret said he’d do it, if he were Rod! I’m like, “Um, Shut UP BRET!!”..LOL….for real though, I think Rod would have been fired, even if Bret did come back to the boardroom..but you just never know, so I was glad to see Bret walk out safe..

The guys better snap with it! BTW, I think Goldberg is just a tiny bit away from going could be entertaining! I haven’t looked at any spoilers, so I don’t know who’s gonna be project manager’s next week or who wins…but if the guys don’t win, it’s gonna be awfully hard to for them to come back..Unless, the girls self destruct..and with those girls? You KNOW it can happen..

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