Hunted on CBS starts next week and after meeting the “hunted” cast we’re looking at the other side of the game with the team sent to seek and capture the evaders.

The Hunters on CBS's Hunted series

The first season of the US import of Endemol’s “Hunted” premieres on Sunday, January 22nd and for up to 28 days nine pairs of evaders will scatter across the southeast in hopes of making it to the last day and collecting a quarter million dollar prize. These are the people who stand in their way.

These professional hunters include detectives, U.S. Marshals, members of the armed forces, and pretty much all the kind of folks who definitely don’t want on your trail. They’ll be working in pairs, just like the evaders, but it sounds like once they find their own targets they’ll be freed up to help the other teams. These efforts will snowball until the entire block is pros is on the trail of the last remaining runners.

Leading the team of investigators is Robert Clark, a former senior FBI official who recently retired after 30 years of work with local and federal law enforcement. Clark worked to capture criminals and fugitives. You can expect to find Robert heading up the Hunted Command Center as its commander as he leads the entire team of investigators.

Get ready for the entire team of The Hunters when Hunted kicks off next week and check out its schedule for more details on when and where to watch the new series.