CBS’s “Hunted” TV series kicked off for its first season 2017 with eighteen contestants making up nine pairs, each with the chance of winning $250,000 if they could evade capture for 28 days. It didn’t take long for that list of players to shorten and I’d expect that pace to pick up as we go. So who is left on Hunted? We’ve got the latest results below.

Hunted Cast of Fugitives on 2017 season

With just one episode left in the season it’s time to find out who escapes the Hunters and who wins Hunted. In the latest round of events we saw David & Emiley’s run come to an end after being discovered on the highway and caught trying to flee on foot. Add them to the “game over” list but that still leaves us with three more teams with a chance to win the game.

Who has been caught on Hunted?

The rest of these players are still on the lam and that means they can win the $250,000 prize if they make it to the end. Remember the rules state that any of the Fugitives are considered captured if the Hunters can make physical contact with them then it’s game over.

Who is left on Hunted?

  • Team Lee & Hilmar – ESCAPED!
  • Team English & Stephan – ESCAPED!

During the Hunted finale we discovered these last two teams made it to the finish line and escaped in to the air with $250,000 for each of their teams.