Hunted On CBS starts soon so it’s time to brush up on how the game works and just what are the rules of Hunted. We’ve got your run through of the top items each of the nine pairs of evaders must follow.

Hunted on CBS: What Are The Rules?

The basis of the game here is for 18 “ordinary” people to pair up and start running. These pairs will be between friends, family, etc. so there shouldn’t be too many growing pains on that front. The real challenge here is to evade capture for 28 days. Here’s what will restrict their moves.

“Hunted” TV Show Rules on CBS:

  • Fugitives must stay within a 100,000 square mile “Hunt Zone.” This will be set in the southeast.
  • Fugitives will be given a one hour head start before the Hunters are alerted.
  • Fugitives are provided limited funds ($500 in $100 bursts on an ATM card).
  • Command Center is given only a name, photo, and last known location.
  • Fugitives that evade capture for 28 days win $250,000 per team.
  • Capture requires physical contact between the Hunters and Hunted.

That’s all CBS gives us in their latest release but those few items will only be the start of what we find out. I’d like to know what happens if the Hunters catch one but not both of the teammates. Is that team out? If not and the other member makes it to the 28 day mark does that team get the full $250K? Lots left to learn.

Hunted on CBS started Sunday, January 22, 2017 before shifting to Wednesdays at 8PM ET/PT with a two-hour show that first Wednesday then going to one-hour episodes after that. The season will end March 1st so it’ll go by fast.

You can keep track of who was caught on Hunted with one team being captured each episode so far. Will your favorite team make it to the end?

Join us for the new series and its first season. We’ll be here covering the show and seeing what to make of CBS & Endemol’s latest UK import. Fingers crossed for a fun season.