Hunted is a new competition series preparing to start on CBS in early 2017 with a big premiere event set to follow Sunday night football before shifting to its regular scheduled nights on Wednesday this winter.

Hunted starts on CBS January 22, 2017

The first episode of Hunted on CBS will air on January 22, 2017 following CBS’s AFC Championship Game so you can expect this to start around 10PM ET, but we won’t know until that night just when it’ll be for sure. After that things settle in to a more predictable routine.

Hunted airs on Wednesday nights during Survivor’s regular timeslot at 8PM ET/PT beginning on January 25th. There will be a two-hour season premiere that first week but then we’ll see Hunted drop back to one hour shows each Wednesday night at 8PM.

Speaking of Survivor, with season 34 not far off there won’t be but so much time for this debut season of Hunted to run, no pun intended. Even with the Sunday premiere and double dip that Wednesday with two episodes in the first week we’ll still only get eight episodes with the Hunted finale on March 1st and Survivor season 34 premiere pushed out to March 8th.

So far we haven’t seen much more than this two-minute clip of Hunted released by CBS but it looks pretty good. With a break from Big Brother and while we wait for Survivor to return this could end up being a strong gap fill in the meantime.

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