The teams race from the Seychelles to Malaysia in this episode of The Amazing Race.  At the Snake Temple they must choose between a 153 step climb or balancing a flagpole on their heads to receive their next clue.  Steve and Allie will depart first and since they left their backpacks on the last leg of the race, they only have the clothes on their backs.  The detectives help Steve out and give him a change of underwear.  All teams travel on the same flight to Malaysia.

Everyone is heading to the Snake Temple and the brother’s taxi driver is racing by all the other teams and they arrive first.  The Cowboys can’t find a taxi so they are still in last place for the moment.

Carol and Brandy, Caite and Brent, Louis and Michael, decide to carry the six large sticks of incense up the stairs.  They can only carry 2 at a time and Carol and Brandy are struggling while Louis is hacking up a lung.  Caite and Brent are in great shape compared to the others.  In the meantime, the brothers and Steve and Allie are on foot still trying to find the place.   The brothers make it to the stairs first while Steve and Allie try the flagpoles but Allie says there is no way she can do that so they are now racing to the stairs in last place.

Jet and Cord are going to try and balance the flag on their foreheads and do really well and get it the first time so they are now in first place.  They are on their way to the next clue.   They have to complete a speed bump which has something to do with picking out the correct tea from the tropical spice garden and delivering the tea to a guru who will send them to their next clue.  They complete this task and are still in first place while the other teams are still trying to race up and down the stairs with the incense. 

Road Block: They must smash coconuts and make some kind of hindu offering that they guru will send of to sea.  The Cowboy’s are way ahead of the other teams and complete this task before any other teams even arrive and receive the clue for the pit stop and are the first team to arrive.  The receive a trip for two to Maui and Phil tells them they are the first team to ever come in last place and the next leg complete the speed bump and come in first.  They got lucky with the flag pole.

Carol and Brandy arrive second.
Luis and Michael are third.
Caite and Brent are fourth.
Dan and Jordan are fifth.

Steve and Allie are the last team to arrive and have been eliminated from the race. Too bad because they were one of my favorite teams. I really don’t want the brothers to win.

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