Hunted Cast: Fugitives & Teams Revealed For 2017 Season

| December 21, 2016 at 4:35 PM EDT

CBS has released the eighteen names and nine teams for the Hunted cast in the debut season starting January 2017. We now have our first details on who the runners will be as they look to evade capture over a 28 day adventure.

Hunted Cast of Fugitives on 2017 season

Each of the teams consist of two “fugitives” who will be sticking together as they dash across the 100,000 square mile range for the show. There’s a $250,000 prize waiting for each and every pair, if they can make it the full four weeks. I’m guessing there won’t be many who can pull this off, but we’ll see who has what it takes later in January.

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When Does Hunted Start On CBS? Premiere Date Announced For 2017 Season

| December 13, 2016 at 4:30 PM EDT

Hunted is a new competition series preparing to start on CBS in early 2017 with a big premiere event set to follow Sunday night football before shifting to its regular scheduled nights on Wednesday this winter.

Hunted starts on CBS January 22, 2017

The first episode of Hunted on CBS will air on January 22, 2017 following CBS’s AFC Championship Game so you can expect this to start around 10PM ET, but we won’t know until that night just when it’ll be for sure. After that things settle in to a more predictable routine.

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Survivor 2016 Spoilers: Week 11 Sneak Peek – Family Time (PHOTOS)

| November 30, 2016 at 10:12 AM EDT

We get to see some family time on Survivor 2016 tonight, so that means time to bring out the Kleenex! We get the loved ones visits tonight on Survivor Season 33 and it could bring some major drama, as Adam might be using that advantage to steal away a reward from someone! This could only bring on a huge fight and put a huge target on his back, which is already there! Check out a Week 11 sneak peek for tonight below in our Survivor 2016 spoilers!

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Survivor Millennials vs Gen X 2016 Spoilers - Week 11 Sneak Peek

Last week on Survivor Season 33, we had two hours of action and it brought us a lot of drama, that is for sure! In the first hour, it seemed to be Chris versus Jessica and Jessica prevailed, as they blindsided Chris and he was voted off. Then in the second hour, it seemed to be Zeke versus David, but once Zeke found out that Hannah was going to side with David, he put the mark on her! So, after two votes and a discussion, it ended in a 5-5 tie! That meant Hannah and Zeke were safe and the other eight would draw rocks. Black rock is eliminated and that rock went to Jessica, so she joined the jury also!

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Who Was Voted Off The Voice USA 2016 Last Night? Voice Top 10

| November 30, 2016 at 8:01 AM EDT

The pressure was on last night on The Voice USA Season 11, as the Voice Top 10 found out their Voice Results and eight would move on to the semifinals and two would head home and end their dreams of being named the winner of The Voice Season 11, so who was voted off The Voice USA 2016 last night? Find out the Voice Top 10 results on The Voice Season 11 last night below in our The Voice USA 2016 spoilers!

The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Top 10 Results

Last night on The Voice 2016 Season 11, it was business as usual for the Voice Top 10. They started the night performing with Dolly Parton and Jennifer Nettles and ended the night saying goodbye to two of their own! Voice Results filled the night and it got more and more intense as the night went on!

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The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers: Christian Cuevas Sings Lady Gaga (VIDEO)

| November 29, 2016 at 10:18 AM EDT

Alicia Keys is looking to ride the waves of Christian Cuevas to the Voice Finale this season, as he is making a strong case to be the winner of The Voice USA 2016! We watched the Voice Top 10 perform last night on The Voice USA Season 11 and Christian took on a Lady Gaga song along the way and absolutely nailed it! Check out the Christian Cuevas performance on The Voice Season 11 last night below in our The Voice USA 2016 spoilers!

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The Voice USA 2016 Spoilers - Voice Top 10 Performances - Christian Cuevas

For his performance, he sings “Million Reasons” by Lady Gaga. He said the song just can’t came out and he can’t do Lady Gaga like Gaga does, so he has to make it Christian! He said he is making it more string-focused. Christian is amazing. Plain and simple, he is so damn good! He makes you feel every lyric that he is singing. He gave me goosebumps on this one, as he seemed to be getting emotional while singing. I am blown away on this one!

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