Donald Trump Says Amazing Race Doesn’t Deserve Emmys

| April 27, 2010 at 11:42 AM EDT

The Amazing Race is the only reality show to ever win the Emmy for Best Reality Competition and Donald Trump isn’t happy about it.  “It’s a shame that ‘Amazing Race’ keeps winning, because it doesn’t deserve to win it,” Trump told the Hollywood Reporter. “It wins every year because they know how to politic the Emmys.”

The Amazing Race is in competition with The Celebrity Apprentice and Trump feels like it is his year to win.  He thinks this season of The Apprentice is the best ever.  He wants not just a nomination but a win. 

Trump also believes that it is expected for TAR to win this category and this has affected the decline in the Emmy’s ratings. “They’ve lost credibility,” Trump says of voters. “Instead of shows that deserve to win, they pick ‘Amazing Race.’ It’s a very sad commentary.”


DWTS: The Couples Swing For More Votes

| April 26, 2010 at 9:20 PM EDT

Tonight we saw the stars tackle the Argentine Tango and the Samba with a little swinging at the end to get 10 points added to their score.  Len was in a particularly bad move this evening or maybe he needed some luck as 7 was his favorite score of the evening.

Jake and Chelsie dance the samba and seemed to have some fun with it.  Of course I was thrilled to see his little trip on the stairs.  Maybe he will get the boot this week.  Len says he was lacking rhythm.  Bruno said it lacked rhythm and dance and he didn’t wiggle correctly and Carrie thought he needed to connect to the music.  The judges all awarded them a 7.

Evan and Anna also danced the samba.  During rehearsals Evan slammed his head on the ground and was taken to the hospital.  He has a minor concussion so it didn’t hinder him from being able to perform.  I think Evan is a great dancer and has a good partnership with Anna.  Bruno says it was nice to see a different side of him.  Carrie said he lost the battle with the samba and Len said it was his worst dance and the samba didn’t suit him.  Once again all 7’s from the judges.  I didn’t agree with this score at all.  Evan most definitely danced better than Jake and they shouldn’t have been scored the same.

Niecy and Louis tackle the Argentine tango and add a comedy spin to it.  I thought it was her best dance to date and loved when she took a bite from the rose and spit it out and for once her breasts manage to stay in place.  Carrie said it was nice to see you really dancing; definitely in the zone; Len liked the comedy and didn’t think the comedy interfered with the performance (what a surprise) and Bruno thought she put a lot of time and effort in the footwork but thought it lacked intensity.  Once again all 7’s from the judges.

Erin and Maks danced the samba and did a great job especially since Maks ripped his shirt off for all of us at home lol.  Erin is by far the most improved in the competition.  Len said  “From Week 1, I’ve given you a 7 every week, and you’re going to get another 7 tonight. You need to show up and show me a proper dance. I’m fed up with shirts coming off.”  This is where I think Len was the biggest ass.  Erin does not choreograph the routines so I’m not sure why he feels the need to penalize her.  Bruno says this is a girl who can do it and do it well.  Carrie says you nailed it and I loved it.  She received two 9’s and one 7 from Len.

Chad and Cheryl brought it with the Argentine Tango.  I’ve thought all along this guy had what it takes but the judges continually have given him bad reviews.  This dance was sexy and I thought is was a stellar performance.  Bruno said, “strong, powerful, demented…Tonight you proved you can actually dance.”  Carrie said, “tonight you nailed it; really amazing; lines were gorgeous.”  Len said, “on dwts you either grow or go and tonight you grew.”  He was awarded all 8’s from the judges.

Nicole and Derek once again steal the show with an impressive samba.  She is by far the best dancer in the competition but she does have a dancing background.  Carrie says that was just ridiculous (in a good way).  Len says the difficulty and performance was great but the line at the end was ugly and didn’t like all the gyrations.  Bruno said she was one singular sensation and has nothing to worry about.  Len gives them a 7, What is up with him?  Carrie gives them a 9 and Bruno a 10.  Brooke once again reminds us that she used to be partnered with Derek.  I should have kept a running total over how many times she has done that this season.

Pamela and Damien close with the Argentine tango and gives us another sexy performance.  They have amazing chemistry together and I enjoy watching her the most.  Len said she could do seduction very well; Bruno said another great character from Pamela; she is living the part and I love to see that; Carrie wanted a little more technically.  Carrie and Len both give her a 7 and Bruno an 8. 

Did you see what I mean about all the 7’s especially from Len?

The swing dance marathon was interesting.  All couples on the floor at the same time dancing to swing music and are tapped on the shoulder one at a time to get eliminated.  I was happily surprised when Jake was out first, followed by Niecy, Evan, Chad, Pamela, and Erin.  Nicole and Derek win this and are awarded 10 extra points like they needed it lol.

Who was your favorites of the night?

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Rock Solid loses BUT Sharon stays!!

| April 25, 2010 at 11:29 PM EDT

Oh man…I was so ready to go off when I seen Rock Solid lost and Sharon was basically offering herself up to be fired! The blog would have looked something like this…censorship edit, censorship edit, THE END!! LOL…

But what turned into the “feel good” episode of the year(til I remembered about sec on that) Trump decided that with the record number of over $350,000 grand raised, that there would be no one leaving the game….So Sharon Osbourne? You’re NOT Fired!!

Even though I was thrilled to death about seeing Sharon, Bret and Maria teamed up, I just couldn’t enjoy it very much knowing the situation with Bret Michaels! And despite internet rumors on Friday of him being ok, the latest reports say different..IMO, this is not looking good people!

Here’s the link to the latest report I seen – Bret Michaels in ICU

They’re now saying he’s still in ICU with slurred speech and blurred vision and the worst part is, they have NOT found the source of the bleeding in his brain…that’s terrible news! Even if he survives he could have permanent damage and that SUCKS so bad! I feel so bad for him and his family, cuz I’m telling you people, Bret Michaels is GOOD guy in real life! I’ve talked about stars who’s egos are so out of control, they they demand the staff not even look at them when they enter the building…

Bret Michaels is NOT that guy! Pretty much what you see on the show IS Bret! So no matter what your might wanna add Bret to your prayer list if you have one..if not? Hope for the best anyway, will ya? BTW, I thought that was TOTAL class move on NBC’s part by wishing him a speedy recovery!!

Back to the game..I didn’t think there was any way Holly would beat Sharon in this task! Especially after hearing that Rock Solid won the $24,000!! I mean wtf happened there! LOL…This is why I’m not a big fan of the “money raising” tasks until the final task! It just puts too much emphasis on the money! Had Sharon been fired, that would have been the focus of this blog!

Let’s face it, had it NOT been for this style task, Sharon wins hands down, right? Then Holly or one of the other one’s from Tenacity would have been fired! At this point, the teams in my mind are, “The team I like vs. the team I don’t” so I would have loved to see Tenacity lose!

To me if wouldn’t have mattered which one of them on Tenacity would have been fired..except Curtis and until Curtis stepped up for Bret, I even wanted him gone! But that wasn’t going to happen tonight! Sharon’s head was on the block and she had a the good ole “luck” card played! I’m glad it was her!!

I can’t WAIT to see some more from Rock Solid next week! I haven’t rooted this hard on a show in a LONG time! So go Rock Solid! And I hope Bret’s at least on the path to making a full recovery by the next episode…so I can truly enjoy it!


Amazing Race: Did you know Caite is the last girl standing?

| April 25, 2010 at 9:05 PM EDT

Within the first ten minutes I heard something about Caite being that last female standing at least 3 times.  It just makes me want so say NO SHIT!  She continually pats herself on the back and lets us know what a great job she is doing in the race.  Is she really that insecure from her Miss Teen USA pageant?  Come on chica, get over it!

The episode kicks off with teams heading to Shanghai, China.  They are hanging out at the airport with Caite bragging about uturning Carol and Brandy.  You would think if they wanted to get further in the game they would have uturned one of the couples who was actually a threat like the cowboys but no, they uturned a couple for the simple fact that they didn’t like them.  Made no sense to me.

The first Road Block was at a noodle house in a village and one member from each team had to make noodles by hand that weighed 1 kilo.  Caite didn’t do this too well and struggled with the noodle making while Cord kicked butt and the cowboys were on their way to the next clue.  The detectives and brothers get stuck with cab drivers who don’t know where to go so they arrive late to the Road Block. 

The teams must race back to Shanghai which is the fashion capital of China and go to work in a fashion house.  They are given a sketch by a model and must dress her exactly like the sketch.  The cowboys complete this before any other team arrives.  They are on a role.

For the first time in Amazing Race history the teams must face another Road Block and the team member who didn’t compete in the noodle house must do this challenge.  They must race to Hongkue Football Stadium where they are given 96 pieces of a large puzzle.  Once they complete it they hand it out to fans in the stadium who will turn it over and on the back is a seat assignment with their next clue.  The winds are really bad and sweep up some puzzle pieces and toss them to the other side of the stadium.  Even with the wind set back the cowboys finish first and are on their way to the pit stop where they win a trip for two to Alaska.

Brent and Caite come in second for this leg.  Very good for the pageant queen.  The Brothers are team 3 and the detectives who really struggled with the puzzle are the last team to arrive.  Lucky for them it is a non elimination leg so they get to fight another day.

sirlinks: The Amazing Race


Bret Michaels Rushed to Hospital With Hemorrhage

| April 23, 2010 at 7:57 PM EDT

Bret Michaels suffered a brain hemorrhage earlier today and is in critical condition.  The former front man for poison and reality star currently on The Celebrity Apprentice was rushed to the hospital Thursday night with a severe headache.  The doctors reported bleeding at the base of his brain stem.  Tests are currently being run to determine the cause of the bleeding and Bret will be in ICU under intense supervision.  No other information is available at this time.

Bret underwent an emergency appendectomy last week after complaining of stomache pains.  He is quoted as saying that even though surgery has “taken its toll” doctors expected him to make a full recovery.


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