Another night of dancing on So You Think You Can Dance 2014 tonight, as the So You Think You Can Dance auditions 2014 finish up in Los Angeles and then Cat Deeley takes it to the road and Philadelphia! We have seen some amazing stories and dancers so far on SYTYCD 2014 and it should continue tonight on SYTYCD Season 11 (and they are turning up the sex appeal! Who will move on and who will be sent home tonight on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11? Time will tell, but check out a sneak peek of the auditions tonight below in our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 spoilers!

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So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Spoilers - Week 2 Auditions 6

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance Season 11, the dancers were showing off their great moves. We got to see Day 1 in Los Angeles, which happened to bring out many alumni to watch from the audience, including Season 10 winner Fik-Shun and Cyrus! They kept it very entertaining and even joined some of the dancers up on the stage! The standout of the night, for me, had to be Jaja Vankova! She takes on an animation/crump routine and blows my mind with her moves. She knows that this is a style normally taken on my guys, but you could see why she performs it…amazing!

Tonight, the auditions wrap-up in Los Angeles and we head to Philadelphia to see what talent is there. Check out some photos from the SYTYCD auditions 2014 tonight here:

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Check out our sneak peek at SYTYCD Season 11 tonight:

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