The So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions continue tonight on FOX, as we see the Chicago auditions wrap up and Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy and Cat Deeley head to Los Angeles to see what talent is there! The SYTYCD 2014 premiere brought us some pretty good dancers, but we need more to complete the Top 20! Check out the SYTYCD Season 11 auditions tonight with us during our So You Think You Can Dance 2014 Live Recap below and watch with us!

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Last week on SYTYCD Season 11, the auditions kicked off in New Orleans and Wayne Brady served as a guest judge with Nigel Lythgoe and Mary MurphyWe saw a lot of familiar faces during the premiere, including Caleb Brauner, who happened to audition last season and did not make it through. The judges sent him to choreography and he did not pick up on it fast enough and they sent him home. The auditions then headed to Chicago with guest judge Jenna Elfman. As a surprise, Caleb showed up in Chicago and tried out again. More choreography for him, but this time the judges liked what they saw and gave him that ticket to the next round!

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So You Think You Can Dance 2014 auditions start soon, so follow along with out Live Recap below!


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Here we go…we are now on Day 2 in Chicago and it may be cold outside, but that did not stop Mary Murphy from taking a dip in Lake Michigan for the Polar Plunge! Things were heating up inside, as Nigel, Mary and guest judge Fabrice Calmels take their seats. Let’s do this!

Paul Brushaber – He is The Puppet. He says he looks like a puppet when he dances and moving awkwardly all over the place. To be honest, what he does is pretty amazing and he puts his body in some crazy positions. However, there is no way he can do other dance styles and make it on the show, right? Nigel said this has a lyrical, crazy feel to it. Mary said it is a new style and he came in at an artistic level. Fabrice said loves that he created his own style and it was amazing. Mary wants the world to see more of this, but Nigel questions him because he has never partnered before. Nigel backs down and Paul is headed to the next round with his ticket!

Emily James – She auditioned for Season 8 and Season 9, but took a year off to work on her marketing degree. She said her parents have put so much money into her dancing and college, so she wanted to help them out, but dance is her passion and third time is a charm? She has some great lines and is a good dancer, but I can see her blending in on a stage and not standing out…kind of boring to me. Mary said she is doing the right thing and she is a dancer. Fabrice said it was solid and he loved it. She gets a ticket to the next round on So You Think You Can Dance 2014!

Emily James, 21 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Chicago Auditions by HumanSlinky

Franchesca Bass – She has an autoimmune disease and lost her hair in the sixth grade. She said it made her stand out, but that is a plus in her eyes. She said her style is different and hoping the SYTYCD judges will like it. She has the story that makes you want to root for her, but I never was wowed. Good dancer, but nothing spectacular and no emotion behind it. Nigel said she is totally unique and has an alien style about her when she dances and he was mesmerized. Mary said she is absolutely captivating. Fabrice loved the way she was moving and it was really great. She gets a ticket to the next round!

Franchesca Bass, 18 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Chicago… by HumanSlinky

Jenna Scaccia – She is a ballet dancer and she is a huge fan of Fabrice and thinks he is amazing, but now she is intimidated because of him being there. She is a trainee at the same place he works. She is a good ballet dancers and is working those lines and that stage, but I was surprised to see her without any ballet shoes on! Nigel said she has a beautiful flow and it was beautiful to watch. Mary said she is gorgeous out there and it looks effortless. Fabrice said she makes him proud. Another dancer and another ticket handed out to callbacks!

Jenna Scaccia, 18 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Chicago Auditions by HumanSlinky

James Thomas – He is a hip hop dancer and specializes in contortionist and bopping. Cat Deeley tells him it makes her feel ill watching him. I cannot watch this, as he puts his body in so many awkward positions! It is so insane to watch. Mary said it is fascinating to watch. Fabrice said it is insane. Nigel is freaked out and they send him to choreography!

James Thomas, 18 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Chicago Auditions by HumanSlinky

CHOREOGRAPHY ROUND: There were 22 dancers that made it to this round, but 40 minutes in and James Thomas was not feeling confident and didn’t want to hold his partner back and he dropped out! Ten dancers made it through though.

The So You Think You Dance 2014 auditions have headed west and we are in Los Angeles now. The judges are joined by guest judge Christina Applegate tonight!

Jessica Richens – She likes being sexy on stage and it comes natural for her, but she is not that way in person. She is definitely a cite girl and I am intrigued to see this sexiness. She definitely is working that sex appeal during this performance, but it works for her. I am a little annoyed with her longer hair and it flinging all over, but she does her thing. No words are needed by the judges, as she gets her ticket right away!

Jessica Richens, 18 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Chicago… by HumanSlinky

Valerie Rockey – She is a cute girl and a tap dancer. She is pretty much inspired by all the former tappers out there and she has some good moves under her belt…a good audition. Nigel said tap is a dying art and he is so pleased when someone comes out and taps well. Mary thought she was very good and full of life and light out there. Christina said she kept getting drawn up to her beautiful face and smile. They send her to choreography!

Valerie Rockey, 20 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Jana “Jaja” Vankova – She is from the Czech Republic. She was a student of Phillip from Season 5 and she moved to Los Angeles after that and is here now. She knows her dance style is normally done by men, but she wants to show the girl power tonight on SYTYCD 2014. She is beyond awesome and I am loving her and so are the judges, as they send her to the callbacks and give her a ticket!

Jena “Jaja” Vankova, 22 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los… by HumanSlinky

Season 10 winner Fik-Shun is in attendance, as some other previous contestants make their way back to watch the auditions in Los Angles. It must make some of the dancers nervous, as the auditions go bad!

Kyle Taylor – He said he is the only one from his area that dances and he is consumed by work, so he doesn’t get much time to dance. He is a popper and I thought he would be terrible, but he was actually very good and I had a smile on my face the whole time I was watching him! Nigel said he should be battling and calls up some of the alumni dancers, as Fik-Shun, Cyrus and Legacy take the stage and they dance it out and it was awesome! Mary said it is incredible and he fit right in with them. They send him to choreography!

Kyle Taylor, 28 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Justine Lutz – She is 19 years old and started dancing when she was three years old. She studied jazz and ballet, but there was no contemporary. And here she is today dancing contemporary and she didn’t need the training as she nails it! No words from the judges and she is sent to callbacks! The great auditions continued and more tickets were handed out!

Justine Lutz, 19 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Deise Mendonca & Mauricio Vera – They are in love and that is all that matters to them. The tickets have been flying out the door and the pressure is on, but at least they have each other. They met at ballet school and fell in love on Day 1! They move so well together and are a good couple. Christina said you can feel the love between the two of them, which is so beautiful. Mary said her extension and body line and presence is so exquisite. They each get a ticket to the next round!

Deise Mendonca & Mauricio Vera ~ SYTYCD 2014… by HumanSlinky

We are back with Justin Bieber and Nick DeMoura introduce two more dance crews for tonight. Do you think SYTYCD producers are regretting picking Justin to do this, especially with all his drama lately in the news? The winning crew from last week was Syncopated Ladies. Up tonight are Break Skate (vote for them by tweeting #SYTYCDsk8) and Academy of Villains (vote for them by tweeting #SYTYCDvillains).

sk8 vs. Dvillains ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Hailee Payne  – It is just after lunch and she is hoping to kick off the afternoon with style! She is dancing jazz funk and the whole look works for her. She is quirky, but can dance and is entertaining. Christina said she really likes her and her personality. Mary said she owned it up there and loved the choreography. I am loving her and she gets that ticket to the next round on So You Think You Can Dance 2014!

Hailee Payne, 19 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Sebastian Serra – He said the expectations are bigger this season, as he is coming back after being cut right before Green Mile during Season 10. Either they made a mistake last season, or he has done some big time training this past year, but he is amazing. He is a great dancer, but maybe he can’t do other styles? Mary said his elevation was amazing. Christina said that was beautiful. They send him to the next round!

Sebastian Serra, 24 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Dani Platz – She started dancing when she was three years old, but stopped when she was 16 years old and started again this past summer. She had an eating disorder in high school and she had no love for herself or appreciation for life, so no dancing for her. Two years later, she is back and feeling better about life and has a whole new outtake on it. This is another one where the story might be better than the dance, but she is good. Nigel said it was quite beautiful in places and ugly in others, but because she was disembodying herself. Mary said dance is like oxygen for the soul. Christina said she saw what she was doing and her choreography was perfect and we are healing. Christina wants to send her to callbacks, but the other judges send her to choreography!

Dani Platz, 18 ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los Angeles… by HumanSlinky

Marie “Poppins” Bonnevay – The final contestant of the day and she is from France and her main style is popping. She doesn’t know if she is the most perfect, but she has a lot of soul. She may not be the best, but she definitely was working that crowd and got Fik-Shun to get up there and dance with her! Nigel said he loved every moment of her. Mary said she is the epitome of a true artist. Christina said she is so unexpected and loves being shocked and she gets a ticket to the next round!

Marie “Poppins” Bonnevay ~ SYTYCD 2014, Los… by HumanSlinky

CHOREOGRAPHY ROUND – There were 14 dancers asked to go through this round. Kyle Taylor could not handle it and bowed out, but Valerie and Dani made it through and made it to callbacks! In total, 18 dancers made it to the callbacks in Los Angeles on So You Think You Can Dance 2014!

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