Time for another week of Hell’s Kitchen 2014 and it looks like Chef Gordon Ramsay is putting these chefs on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 to the test! It is another protein challenge, but this time they will be heading out to the barns and catching their protein to be used in their dishes! Watch with us tonight during our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap and see who went home on Hell’s Kitchen 2014 tonight!

Hell's Kitchen 2014 Spoilers - Week 5 Preview

Last week on Hells Kitchen Season 13, the chefs had to identify the protein cooked into five different dishes. Both teams started the challenge with a lot of confidence, but then they started tasting the dishes and realized it was harder than it seems! In the end, the Blue Team won the challenge and the Red Team found themselves grinding cheese for dinner service. The losing continued for the women, as they lost the dinner service and had to nominate two chefs. It got a little ugly up in the dorms, but they ended up nominating Kalen and Katie. Chef Ramsay proceeded to ask all of the Red Team who the weakest chef was and they all said Kalen and he must have agreed, as he sent Kalen home!

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Who goes home tonight on Hell’s Kitchen 2014? Find out in our Recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our Hell’s Kitchen 2014 Recap or see who who went home on Hell’s Kitchen Season 13 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…we start this episode with Chef Ramsay telling the chefs they will be heading out to do some shopping for their challenge. They head out, but it isn’t your normal shopping trip! They see a pen of animals and will have to catch the protein they are cooking with! They work in pairs and once they get an animal, they get to pick the starch to go with it.

The men win first and get the pig, so they pick grits to go with it and the women pick potatoes. For the veal dish, the men pick yams and the women pick couscous. Next up is lamb and the guys pick risotto and the ladies pick corn. The protein and starches are now picked, so it is time to start cooking! Back in the kitchen and each chef will cook a dish, but Chef Ramsay will only be judging one dish for each protein and the teams must decide what dish it will be.

Fernando has a huge piece of meat, but he gets it started late and is worried about it being raw. Frank says to cut it in half. The time runs out and time for the chefs to decide which one should be presented to Chef Ramsay! Santos is overly confident on his dish, but they go with Sterling’s dish. Jennifer is pissed that they picked Roe’s dish over hers.


  • Veal – For Fernando, they say sear is good, but it has no personality and needed salt and 10 points for Blue Team. For La Tasha, they said the dish has flavors and it is seasoned well, but needs a touch of acidity and 11 points for Red Team.
  • Lamb – Steve gets 9 points and Sade gets 10 points, so Red Team has two point lead.
  • Pork – Sterling gets 9 points, so a total of 28 points for Blue Team. Roe has a terrible dish and Jennifer’s dish was better the judges said, so she gets four points and Blue Team wins the challenge!!!

For winning, the men will be heading to Santa Barbara and wine country. For losing, the women will be getting the bones and stock prepared for the next dinner service. The men enjoy their day, but the women have a busy day and night and they are over it!

DINNER SERVICE: The Red Team seems happy with the new day, but the men are not feeling the love and we see a fight between Sterling and Steve before service starts. No one respects Sterling, which makes no sense. The doors open and dinner service starts. Sade said she is going to be the leader tonight and being very vocal with things and wants everyone talking. It must work, as they get their first dishes out the kitchen!

Blue Team starts and Steve gets a personal lesson on scallops from Chef Ramsay and he feels honored, but he must not have been listening as Chef Ramsay sends them back! The Blue Team has apps going out though, despite Steve’s bad scallop flipping. VIP guest arrives for Red Team and Katie sends up bad scallops and Roe has bad risotto and lobster.

The Blue Team moves on to entrees and Santos is running the meat station and says he has got this. Well, they are worried about Sterling and his “mistakes” and Santos does not send up all the lamb and now they sit and wait! Chef Ramsay is over it, so he takes Steve and Santos to the back and bitches them out!

Katie and Roe try their apps again and Roe sends up terrible risotto and Katie bad scallops, so Chef Ramsay kicks them both out! On the Blue Team, Sterling is trying to get timing with Santos, but he is not responding! Chef Ramsay yells at him and he finally responds. It is funny because Steve and Santos think they are the best chefs, but they cannot cook for shit! They are not on the same page and completely lost, so Chef Ramsay kicks both of them out!!!

Ashley tries to get the scallops right for the Red Team, but screws them up again and he kicks her out! Even with less chefs, the kitchens find their rhythm and both sides deliver all their tickets!!! Chef Ramsay said he is worried and he doesn’t think he has a winner in the bunch. They are both losers and they will each nominate two chefs and time to clean house on Hells Kitchen 2014!

Blue Team discusses and it is Sterling, yet again. Why??? They also include Steve, who is pissed and thinks he is amazing. The Red Team discusses it looks like Katie, but then Roe calls out Jennifer and she is not happy.

RESULTS: Back in front of Chef Ramsay and the Red Team said they have not reached a decision! Roe said they have a split decision on two pairs. He tells them to go to the kitchen and pick two names! They come back and have nominated Katie and Roe. The Blue Team has nominated Sterling and Steve. They both state their cases and Chef Ramsay sends home Katie, who he said that she can cook, but is not ready. He then states he is not done yet and says to give him their jacket, but who is he talking to??? It ends with “To Be Continued” and we find out next week. It appears to be Sterling, but I am thinking it will be Sterling going to join the Red Team to mix it up!

What do you think of the results on Hells Kitchen 2014 tonight?

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