There was a lot of talk being made about Beyonce after the lip syncing drama at the Inauguration, but the Beyonce Halftime performance at Super Bowl 2013 shut up all those haters! She not only nailed it, but she knocked it way out of the park. It was spot-on and she left everything on the stage and she was joined on stage for a Destiny’s Child reunion for Super Bowl 47! Check out the Beyonce Halftime performance at Super Bowl 2013 below.


Didn’t Beyonce have a baby? You could not tell with how hot she looked tonight and did anyone else notice the guns on Kelly Rowland? All those ladies are looking very good.

The performance featured so many good moments, but you know she was singing it live when you could hear her breathing from working her ass off up there!

Check out the performance below and also check out Jennifer Hudson sing with the Sandy Hook Elementary Chorus and Alicia Keys sing the National Anthem:

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