We have eight guys remaining on The Bachelorette 2014 and it looks like they will be packing their bags and heading to Venice, Italy, tonight on The Bachelorette Season 10 with Andi Dorfman. It will be a fun night, especially on the group date when the guys are forced to take a lie detector test and the guys are faced with the lies they have been telling Andi! Watch it with us tonight during our Bachelorette 2014 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelorette 2014 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelorette Season 10, Andi packed her bags and headed to France. We saw Josh Murray get his first one-on-one date with Andi and he knocked it out of the park! She was worried about him being the typical athlete that she goes for, but he opened up during the date and they both let their walls down. Then we saw some miming and drama on the group date, as Marquel was not happy about hearing some of the things that Andrew supposedly said. Then Brian wrapped up the night with an awkward cooking one-on-one date, but he brought it home in the fourth quarter and got that date rose! In the end, Andi sent home Marquel, Andrew and Patrick.

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelorette 2014, so follow along with our recap below!


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Here we go…we are in Venice and on the boat. Nick knows he sucked it up in France and on the group date, so he wants a chance to talk to her and explain himself. Cody is hoping for a one-on-one date, finally. They are in the streets of Venice and meet up with Andi and she has a surprise for them. The first one-on-one date starts right now and everyone thinks it is going to Cody (the only one without a one-on-one yet), but she gives it to Nick!

ONE-ON-ONE DATE #1 – She knows this choice is not as popular as she would like, but she needs to know if she can move on with Nick or not. The guys are back at the hotel and Cody is wondering what is going on and they speculate on whether she really likes Nick that much or she needs to figure out some things with him.

Back on the date and Andi and Nick are walking the streets and eating some food and enjoying the city. She finds it hard not to be romantic in Venice, so they share some kisses along the way. They ride the gondola and Nick opens up about things and he said she was right and he was wrong about the way he acted on the group date.

Back at the hotel, the guys get the date card and it is a group date for Josh, Chris, JJ, Marcus, Brian and Dylan. That means Cody has the second one-on-one date and he is beyond happy and feels everything is slowly coming together for him on The Bachelorette 2014!

For the date, they ride under the Bridge of Sighs. She said if you kiss under the bridge then you will have eternal love. They share a kiss, but will it be eternal love for them??? The evening portion of the date comes around and they both get all done up and Andi is trying to not get swept away by it all, as she is still trying to get answers about the week before. Andi said she finds it attractive in a man when he is liked by others, so it is a struggle for her to see Cody not like him. Nick lays it on thick and is smoothing out the bumps in the road and Andi is falling for it. It worked, as he gets the date rose from Andi on The Bachelorette 2014 and is safe for the week!

The secret admirer still exists in the competition, as Andi has received her third letter from him, but who is it??? Well, click here for those Bachelorette 2014 spoilers!!!

GROUP DATE: Andi meets the guys and they head into some weird building with swords and armor and bloody tablecloth! She said it is all about honesty and she trusts them, but she wants reenforcement: a lie detector test! Chris said he has been hiding something from Andi and been meaning to tell her, but did not want to tell her this way! All the guys are freaking out about what they will be asked and how accurate the machines are!

Andi is going to do it with the guys and she is up first. Josh seems to be freaking out about this test. They ask some crazy questions and Dylan does not wash his hands when going to the bathroom and he has slept with over 20 women! He is not feeling well afterwards and tells Andi he is going back to the hotel! During his questioning, Chris reveals that he is the secret admirer, which is what he wanted to tell her, but in a romantic setting!

The results are in and three men told no lies, one man told two lies and two men told three lies! Andi told two lies! Brian opens up her results right away and she lied about Italy being her favorite country and feeling that all the guys are there for the right reasons. She contemplates opening up the results from the guys and she ends up ripping it up to show that she does trust them and Josh thought it was big to him.

GROUP DATE COCKTAIL PARTY: She is glad that she ripped up the results and they head into a castle for the night. Brian steals her away first and does his own lie detector test and it was super cute and I just like this guy. He is a good guy and I am a fan. Marcus tells her that he almost left the show and wasn’t sure if this was for him. He then goes on to say he is in love with her! Josh tells her he was glad she ripped up the results and it showed trust, but she questions him about his worries.Now she is feeling vulnerable and kind of wishes she looked at those results. Chris admits to her that he is the secret admirer, which I think is really cute. Andi was feeling rough after talking with Josh, but Chris comes in and saves the day again and that earned him the group date rose on The Bachelorette 2014! JJ needs to talk about being sick of celebrating other people’s successes and who knows where this one comes from, but he looks rough and is sweating, so maybe a little tipsy?

ONE-ON-ONE DATE #2: They are in Verona, which is the birthplace of Romeo & Juliet and Cody is excited for the day. They recreate the scene of Juliet in the balcony. They then head to Juliet Club, where people write letters to Juliet and volunteers respond to them. Cody and Andi will respond to some of them tonight. He impresses Andi with his response to the letter and he opens up to her about his feelings, but is it matched?

Another castle and another dinner. Cody was inspired by the letters earlier, so he wrote his own letter to Juliet about Andi. The letter is beyond cute and it shows a whole different side of Cody and I am shocked. As he opens up more and more and lays it on pretty thick, she starts crying. She thinks they have a friendship and doesn’t know if it will go beyond that and if the romance will ever be there. She said she can’t go to his hometown and hurt him. He handles it so well and it honestly makes me like him even more, but no rose for Cody and Andi sends him home! Back at the hotel, the bellhop comes in and grabs Cody’s bags and the guys see another one eliminated.

COCKTAIL PARTY: Andi arrives and Nick steals her away right away! She thinks it was a great move and missed her, but the other guys are pissed because he has a rose. Dylan is feeling worried after missing the group date, so he goes in and steals her away! Nick comes back and he tries to explain himself, but the guys are not having it and Chris said that it was an arrogant move. All the guys are nervous and trying to get that alone time with her and secure their place in the competition. Josh tries to explain his reactions at the group date, but things are iffy between them and he is feeling nervous about this Rose Ceremony!

Andi sits down with Chris Harrison and talks about things. She said that Nick might be becoming a leader in this one, but it has been an emotional week. She is still worried about Josh and his reaction to the lie detector test. She said this is the first time this season that she is doubting something might come from this whole journey.

ROSE CEREMONY: Nick and Chris have a rose tonight from the dates and are safe. Cody has already been sent home tonight and one more elimination to go. The other guys getting a rose tonight are:

  • Dylan
  • Brian
  • Marcus
  • Josh

That means that JJ O’Brien has been eliminated tonight on The Bachelorette 2014. Josh had a little scare tonight, but we all knew how this would end! Andi and the six remaining men will be heading to Brussels next week before the Hometown Dates happen the week after!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelorette Season 10 tonight?

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