Did you miss The Bachelor Sean Lowe spoilers and want to find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013 last night? Well, it was quite an interesting episode of The Bachelor Season 17, as more and more drama is starting to happen between The Bachelor 2013 women and I am over it! So, who went home on The Bachelor 2013?


Leslie Hughes has been showing getting very emotional when her team lost out on the volleyball date last week and she missed out on a chance to be with Sean more. Then she was upset she didn’t the first one-on-one date last night, but then she finally got her chance when Sean Lowe picked her for the second one-on-one date. It was the Pretty Woman date and despite a great day and romantic dinner, The Bachelor Sean Lowe did not feel any romantic connection with Leslie H. and he sent her home without a rose! Did anyone see that one coming? At least she got some diamond earrings out the deal!

In a shocking elimination on The Bachelor 2013, Sean Lowe sent Amanda Meyer home, even after she fell and smacked her jaw on the roller derby course. I was surprised by this one and thought it would be Daniella going home, especially since we haven’t seen much of her this season. Instead he wasn’t feeling the connection with Amanda and didn’t feel for her fall, so he sent her home. Your thoughts?

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