Who is ready for some roller derby madness tonight on The Bachelor 2013 with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and The Bachelor 2013 women? On yet another adventurous date, Sean takes eight of the ladies out for some good ol’ fashioned roller derby fun. Who does that on a date? Well, they will be doing it tonight on The Bachelor Season 17 and of course it will end in drama and maybe an ambulance trip to the hospital for one of the girls? Find out tonight during my The Bachelor 2013 Recap and find out who was eliminated on The Bachelor Sean Lowe!

Last week on The Bachelor 2013 we saw Sean Lowe and Lesley M. break the Guinness World Record for longest on-screen kiss, which was both awkward and strange to watch. It seemed to work for them though and he gave her a rose as their day together came to an end. We also saw Tierra take a tumble down the steps at the mansion, but was it for real or for the attention of Sean? I am going with the latter one and I am super ready for her to not get a rose tonight…one can hope, right?

Tonight is another set of one-on-one dates for The Bachelor Sean Lowe, with both Selma and Leslie H. Neither of these women have been shown that much, so it will be a good chance to see if either of them have a chance at winning The Bachelor 17. It will be interesting to see how it all goes down, so come back tonight for my The Bachelor 2013 Recap and see who gets a rose from The Bachelor Sean Lowe tonight!

Chris Harrison comes in with the first date card, which goes to Selma , of course, and then Leslie H. breaks down and just wants a date with Sean…be patient girl!

Selma and Sean head out for their date in a limo ride and then go to the private jet. This happens every day, right? They are holding hands and she thinks this is the perfect date, but things are about to change. Desert time and she complains about the heat…already forgetting about that perfect date, huh?

He takes her rock climbing and she is doing nothing but bitching. What happened to that perfect date? Amazingly she made it to the top and ABC managed to get a few cleavage shots in there, what shocker!

The second part of the night includes dinner and drinks in a trailer park. She was brought up in a strict Muslim family, so to kiss on national television would kill her mother and she won’t let Sean kiss him!

The second date comes and it is a date card for: Lindsay, Robyn, Jackie, Catherine, Amanda, AshLee, Sarah and Tierra. Tierra is pissed to get a group date and she wants a one-on-one! Well, we want you gone Tierra!

No kiss from Selma, but he does give her a rose. Does anyone else think that Sean looks pissed for not getting a kiss?

Group date time and time for some roller derby. Amanda does it really well, but the other girls keep falling. How can they not stay up on the skates? Sarah then has a breakdown because she has one arm, which ABC shoves it in our face all the time. Sean then soothes her and talks her into doing it…big shocker! Do you think Sarah is playing it up some here?

Amanda then slips and cracks her jaw, so Sean calls the paramedics in! She goes to get checked out, but Sean cancels the competition and they have a roller skating party instead and have fun.

The night arrives and the girls get to spend some time with Sean and enjoy some drinks, until the drama starts! Sarah is the first one to get some alone time with Sean. Amanda then arrives and gets some alone time with Sean. I don’t seem to mind her tonight. Anyone else?

Robyn and Tierra get into a little disagreement, but it has just begun. Tierra said it is like high school and she will be a woman about it…yeah, okay! As Lindsay is getting some makeout time, then Tierra makes some big dramatic scene and can’t take the fakeness and she wants to leave. She is crying and being a big girl. Remember when she asked if this was high school? Sean and Lindsay come out and run into Tierra and she steals him away and tells him she can’t do this.  It is a big drama scene and she wants to leave, but then he goes to get the rose and gives it to her. Is this real life? Wasn’t she supposed to leave the show because she couldn’t take it any more?

Time for the one-on-one date for Leslie H. and she is super excited. They leave in a sports car, so could it be any more Pretty Woman-like? They do some shopping on Rodeo Drive and she is in love. She gets a dress and some shoes and a purse and they do a little dancing, which is weird. I like Leslie H. and she has a good personality. He adds one more thing to the look, which is a $500,000 necklace! You betcha that was a loaner!

It is time for Leslie and Sean to share a dinner on The Bachelor 2013. Things started really awkward, but seemed to improve and Sean wasn’t feeling it either because he didn’t see the connection yet. He didn’t feel the romantic connection with her and he can’t give her the rose and he sends her home! Well, that just ruined the perfect night that is for sure!

Time for the Cocktail Party and let the cat fights begin. AshLee gets alone time and I think she is safe. Robyn tries to use a cheesy pickup line, but it works and gets a kiss from Sean. To end the drama, Tierra asks to talk to Robyn and Jackie and apologizes, but it is just more fakeness for her?

Tierra then gets some alone time with Sean, but she says all the drama comes towards her and she doesn’t understand it. Well, because you cause it yourself Tierra?

Does The Bachelor Sean Lowe seem very awkward when he talks to the girls? Catherine ups her game tonight and realizes it is about him and not Tierra and they kiss. The Chris Harrison comes in and steals Sean away to make his final decision of the night.

With Tierra and Selma already having a rose, Sean has nine roses to hand out tonight during the Rose Ceremony on The Bachelor 2013. They go to: Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley M., Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie and Daniella. That means that Amanda is the girl who was eliminated on The Bachelor 2013! She takes a hit to the chin and then gets the boot? I am shocked by this one and don’t know how Daniella makes it through every week!

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