While it may be Sunday, we have a special of The Bachelor 2015 tonight and it looks like Chris Soules and the drama will make it’s way to Iowa tonight! Before that happens, we have to finish the drama in Deadwood from last week. Then it is on to the Chris Tells All special with Chris Harrison, Andi Dorfman and Kelsey Poe all giving interviews. Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 19, there was some unfinished business in Santa Fe to finish up first, as we saw Kelsey finish her “panic attack” and then the Rose Ceremony happened and Chris sent home Samantha and Mackenzie. From there, they headed out to Deadwood, South Dakota, and the main drama of the week was the two-on-one date. It featured Ashley I. and Kelsey and it was drama all the way and it ended with Chris sending both of them home without a rose! That is where it ended last week and we pick things up tonight!

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The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2015 tonight, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…


  • Up first, Chris Harrison sits down with Kelsey Poe and she didn’t feel like she was controversial. She said she did not fake the panic attack and her emotions were overwhelming her. She talks about respecting Ashley I. and lying, as they show her on the actual show badmouthing her! She thinks she’ll be crucified at the Women Tell All.
  • Now it is time for Chris Soules. He says he knows less about women than he thought because of how he handled the 2-on-1 date! He really just wanted them both gone. He was scared of Ashley S. at the zombie date. We then have to relive some of her crazy moments.
  • It was then time to look at the drunk girls and then the black bar that followed Jillian all season long. Then Juelia and her husband committing suicide. We then see Jimmy Kimmell and the love guru! He said he had an instant connection with Britt.
  • Now it is time for Chris to chat with Andi Dorfman. She said they did not know at The Bachelor Season 19 premiere, but they have been struggling. She said they came back from the premiere and wondered why they weren’t planning their wedding. They loved each other, but did not make each other better. She is sad. She will always have a love for Josh and that was her first true love and her first heartbreak. She feels like a failure.


Now on to the new episode of The Bachelor 2015 and it is time to head to the Cocktail Party in Deadwood! They question why he sent both of them home from the 2-on-1 date. Then Megan sits down with him and feels like it isn’t going anywhere between them and he agrees. She leaves on her own and the other women are shocked! And we are still going to have a Rose Ceremony? Carly is freaking because she thinks it is her going home.

Chris Soules comes back in the room and he knows how hard the week has been and he feels good about all of them, so there will not be a Rose Ceremony tonight on The Bachelor 2015 and he is bringing them all to Iowa!

DATE #1 – This first one-on-one date goes to Jade and she is headed to his hometown and the other ladies are jealous! She arrives in Arlington, Iowa and it is crazy small! She heads to his house, so how crazy is that? They check out the farm and Jade is questioning if she can see herself there. They go “downtown” and the town is pretty much shut down! They then head to the high school football game and she meets his parents! Um, what???? They walk the high school and he thinks she has a good head on her shoulders, but that Playboy thing might blow his mind next week! They kiss in the halls and then on the football field, after the crowd cheers them on. She said she is falling in love with him to the cameras, but not to him!

Back at the hotel, the next date card goes to Whitney and a one-on-one date with him!

DATE #2 – Chris meets Whitney in Des Moines and much bigger than his hometown. They go to an art exhibit about love and will now head out to take their own pictures to make their own art! For the evening portion, they head out to a bar and Chris said this has been one of his best dates ever. In walk a few of his best friends and I am loving Whitney right now!

The friends leave and then we get to hear some more about Whitney and her mother passed away and her father was never a part of her life. She doesn’t want sympathy and Chris is loving on her. She opens up a lot about things and she wants a man with great parents so she can call them her own. They then go and see one of their photographs was painted on the wall. Chris said looking at her makes him want to be a better man.

At the hotel, Jade talks about her date and Britt gets jealous! The ladies decide they are going to road trip to Arlington to check out his hometown while he is out on the date with Whitney! They get there and it is way smaller than they thought and are shocked! They walk around and check out some buildings and talk to locals. They then get the date card back at the hotel and it is a group date for Britt, Carly and Kaitlyn and she is not happy because she was expecting that one-on-one!

Now we see Whitney share her date with the other girls, but Jade has something weighing on her mind! She needs to talk about it, so she shares it with Carly, who she is close with in the house. I get she is nervous about this, but why wait until six women left to share this info on The Bachelor 2015???

GROUP DATE: The women head out and meet Chris at a hockey rink. There is a rose on this group date and an automatic trip to the Hometown Dates, so the pressure is on! They do some ice skating and shooting hockey pucks. Britt gets some alone time with Chris and said she loved it in Arlington, even though she told the other ladies she hated it while there! She is pouring it on thick and Carly is not happy about it, so she gets some alone time and is going to tell him about Britt and being fake! It is a big bomb and Chris is blown away, so he is going to ask her again about Arlington!

It is the evening portion of the date on The Bachelor 2015 and he steals Britt away first. She talks about what her Hometown Date would be like with her family and said she loves him. He questions her and what she thought of Arlington. She seems to lie her way through that one and Chris believes her, as they kiss. Now Kaitlyn gets some time and she said she is insecure about things, but he said they are in a good place. To help ease her mind, he goes out and gets the rose to give to her!

They come back to the other girls and the awkwardness happens. Chris said it is awkward. Carly said it was a great day and she likes Kaitlyn, so glad she got it. Britt then proceeds to babble on and on and on and doesn’t want to be second or third or fourth down the line in his choices. So, because she did not get the rose, she has to be a baby about it??? This is the process of the show stupid b! Chris is not happy about this and leaves for the night, as the other ladies talk and Britt is crazy!

Back at the hotel and the other ladies talk about Britt and how she showed her true colors to Chris and either she leaves on her own or Chris sends her home. And Britt cries to the cameras!

What do you think of the results on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight?

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