From the drama with Kelsey on The Bachelor 2015 to a trip to South Dakota that features the two-on-one date returning to The Bachelor Season 19, this is going to be on intense night on The Bachelor 2015! Chris Soules is going to have his hands full, especially with two women trying to fight for the one rose available on the date and the other one goes home! It is going to be over-the-top drama tonight, so if you like that than you should be excited! Check it out with us during our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap and see who went home on The Bachelor 2015 tonight!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 19, it was a night of awkwardness. From the date with Carly that featured the love guru to Jordan making a return during the group date and asking for a second chance, this was a dramatic week in Santa Fe and it ended with the drama queen (Kelsey) passing out on the floor before the Rose Ceremony due to a panic attack. This is what she claims, but I am thinking it is linked to a bad acting job by her and trying to make a scene to stay in the competition another week!

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The fun begins shortly on Week 6 of The Bachelor 2015, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor 2015 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 19 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…we go back to Kelsey and that fake cry is killing me! She then calls for Chris and she says she better get a rose. Yeah, this is beyond fake! Chris comes and they chat and I just want to smack her. She goes back to join the women and none of them seem to believe anything she is saying and they all look annoyed!

ROSE CEREMONY: We finally get to the Rose Ceremony from last week’s show! Having roses already are Carly, Whitney and Britt. The other ladies also getting a rose are:

  • Jade
  • Kaitlyn
  • Megan
  • Becca
  • Ashley
  • Kelsey

And her dramatics earned her a rose! Because of that, we have Samantha and Mackenzie leaving us tonight! What do you think?

It is the next day and they are headed to Deadwood, South Dakota. Chris is excited to see the Wild West side of the ladies. They know there will be a one-on-one, two-on-one and group date this week, per Chris Harrison. Kelsey thinks she deserves the one-on-one with Chris for everything she has gone through, but it goes to Becca instead and I am so happy!!!

ONE-ON-ONE DATE: She is the only one that Chris hasn’t kissed yet. They start the date with some horseback riding. The night portion is a fire and cooking some kabobs and she has him laughing and they look cute together. I love her vibe. They talk about the future and how many kids they want. Chris gives her the rose and he looks giddy over her and then they kiss! She finally gets her kiss!!!

At the hotel, Whitney, Carly and Kaitlyn confront Kelsey about her actions and how sincere she is. They call her out on things and she puts on the act again. She says it is because she is eloquent, so that is why the women are jealous of her. Later on, the women get the date card and it is the group date for Whitney, Jade, Britt, Kaitlyn, Carly and Megan! That means Kelsey and Ashley will be going on the two-on-one date!

GROUP DATE: Chris said that country music is a big part of his life and they are going to write some songs today and they are joined by Big & Rich! Carly is excited, especially since she is a singer. Big & Rich give some tips to the ladies. Jade is struggling and is a perfectionist and can’t let go, so her and Rich take a run down the street to let those emotions be free! Now we see Chris and Britt hugging and kissing and the other ladies are all jealous!

To kick off singing the songs, we see Chris and he is a terrible singer! The ladies start singing and Chris is loving all of them. Kaitlyn does a rap and it is bleeped out, which is why I love her. Carly nails it, but that is expected. Jade was super nervous, but she worked it out and she is just too cute!

Now for the after party for the group date and Jade said her feelings are growing and she could see herself in Iowa. The other women get their alone time, but then he is with Britt and they leave the building and start running away! Where they going? The other women see it and are irritated by the Chris and Britt show on this date! Well, they headed to the Big & Rich concert and Chris had the rose for her there! She is so fake, but he is really into her!

Chris and Britt come back to the other women and she has her rose and it is beyond awkward! He nervously gives a little speech and then gives them the rest of the night to themselves and one of them says goodbye on The Bachelor 2015! I don’t get why he gave her the rose, especially with Carly and her song and Jade opening up more to him. The other women are all emotional and Britt is fake!

TWO-ON-ONE DATE: Two ladies arrive and one gets a rose and one goes home! They ride a helicopter to the Badlands and it is awkward all around and the women are not liking each other. Ashley gets some alone time with Chris and she tells him that everyone is blending in the house except Kelsey and no one gets along with her, which he appreciates hearing and doesn’t want to dwell on it. Kelsey gets some alone time and she brings on the fake act, but Chris calls her out and asks about what Ashley just said.

Of course, Kelsey comes back without Chris and the two ladies get some alone time and they call each other out and it is just catty and stupid. Ashley walks away to get Chris. Now we get tears from Ashley and upset that she is always crying around Chris. He then tells Ashley that he feels they are in different places and he can’t give her the lifestyle she wants! She gets dramatic, but he sends her home!

The women are at the hotel and see someone come in and take Ashley’s bags and they are shocked! Chris then goes to talk to Kelsey and he said he is not 110% in it with her and he sends her home also!!! Well, that was not as expected, huh? No one gets a rose on the two-on-one date! Back at the hotel, the worker comes and gets Kelsey’s bag and they are beyond excited and the celebrating begins!

No Rose Ceremony tonight, but we’ll get that next week! What do you think of The Bachelor Season 19 tonight?

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