Get ready for a long night, as The Amazing Race 2015 is giving us two new episodes tonight and that means two hours of drama and two hours of listening to Hayley yell at Blair! She was good last week, so you know she is going to let loose on him tonight on The Amazing Race Season 26! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview 7

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams returned and they all made their way to Monaco, which was the first time the show has ever traveled there! They got dressed up in some fancy clothes and got helicopter rides. They also had to create some perfumes and zip lined their way to the Pit Stop. In the end, all the teams seemed to be done at the same time and headed to the Pit Stop! It was a matter of who could drive there and find it the easiest. As it turns out, Jeff & Jackie got lost along the way and they were the final team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated!

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Here we go…the teams are heading to Namibia tonight and everyone is on the same flight there and sleep in the airport overnight. They land in Africa and take a second flight to the destination, but one at a time. Hayley & Blair started in first, but she is already complaining that he wanted a more comfortable seat and that put them in last and the last flight out with these smaller planes.

The teams land and will drive themselves to Bushmen Village and pick up a salt lick along the way. Laura & Tyler gett he Date Night card again. Aly & Steve have an early lead. They get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, as they will use sticks and dry grass to built a hut from their instructions. Laura & Tyler get to the Road Block, but no salt lick (they drove past it). Tyler starts building, but Laura asks about the salt lick and other teams have it, so they go back and get it. Everyone is now at the Road Block and Aly is not happy to be building.

Despite having to go back and get the salt lick, Tyler finishes the hut first and they head out to the next clue! It is a Detour: Track, where they will use technology to locate an elephant, or Pack, where they will prepare a meal of meat to hungry wild dogs. Laura & Tyler, Matt & Ashley and Jelani & Jenny do Pack. Aly & Steve are there and told there are no spots in Pack, so they have to do Track!

Aly seems more interested in looking at animals than finding the elephant. The teams start feeding the wild dogs and they finish up and get the clue, which is to head to the first Pit Stop tonight on The Amazing Race 2015. Mike & Rochelle get the hut done finally and get to the Detour and they do Pack, as there are spots now available and that may help them out. It does, as they feed the dogs and heading to the Pit Stop and Aly & Steve and Hayley & Blair are still searching for an elephant.

We see that Aly & Steve find the elephant and head to Pit Stop!!! Now Hayley & Blair find their elephant and everyone is headed to the Pit Stop, but no one seems to know where they are going. Now Steve is driving and Aly tells him he is too close to the side and he said she can drive. I guess he should have listened, as he hits a pothole and pops the tire and now they have to change tires and Hayley & Blair pass them as they sit on the side of the road!

Aly & Steve have the tire changed and head out again. Every team is lost right now! Jelani & Jenny are lost and went way too far. She is trying to get someone to stop on the highway, which is funny.

PIT STOP – It was a race to the finish and who could climb rocks faster. Matt & Ashley get there first and win this leg of the race and each get $5,000! Team #2 is Laura & Tyler. Team #3 is Hayley & Blair. Team #4 is Jelani & Jenny. Team #5 is Mike & Rochelle. Aly & Steve went from first to last, but this is a non-elimination leg of the race and they’ll do a Speed Bump next time!


The teams will be sleeping in tents tonight and enjoy the sunset together, which is beautiful. The teams kick things off and will head to Swakopmund Bookstore for the next clue and Double U-Turn ahead. Matt talks about wanting to u-turn Jelani & Jenny and we are on board with that.

The teams get to the bookstore and read the paper and it is in German, since this used to be a German colony. They get help from citizens to translate it. They get to the clue and it is a Road Block, they all wanted to go skydiving, but that is not it. The plane will go up with their box and they’ll drop it and the person has to run in the desert to find the box. They will reunite with their partner and open the box for the next clue.

Laura, Ashley and Hayley are not happy to be running in the desert, as they thought they were jumping. Now Jelani & Jenny are lost and notice they have a flat tire! That desert looks tough, but Ashley & Laura get done and grab their gnome and those teams head out to the next clue. Hayley finishes next and they head out too.

Mike and Jelani start on the Road Block. Jelani & Jenny have the Express Pass still, but they hold off on using it. Aly & Steve get there and have their Speed Bump, as they will make toys for kids using pop cans. Jelani finishes.

Matt & Ashley get to the next clue and it is a Detour: Work, where they will smooth out five miles of road using a big truck and tires, or Play, where they will cross country ski the sand dunes! Why anyone would choose Play is beyond me, but Matt & Ashley pick it. Hayley & Blair and Tyler & Laura do Work.

Mike brings the box and gnome back and they head out. Steve & Aly finish the Speed Bump and start the Road Block, but Steve sees the box fall the wrong way and he is running in the wrong direction! He finally starts going in the right direction and finds the box and gets the gnome and they head out.

Matt & Ashley prove me wrong and get that skiing done, so they head out and will have the Double U-Turn to do. Laura & Tyler are headed there too. Jelanie & Jenny get to the Detour and they use their Express Pass and will now head to the U-Turn board! Matt & Ashley get there first and U-Turn Jelani & Jenny. Laura & Tyler are there next and they U-Turn Aly & Steve. They head off to the Pit Stop, as Jelani & Jenny get there and go back to do the other detour. Hayley & Blair get to the U-Turn board and shocked, but they head to Pit Stop.

Jenny is pissed. Mike & Rochelle doing Work. They both finish the Detour and head to the Pit Stop. Aly & Steve are way too far behind and got the U-Turn, so this is pretty much over!

PIT STOP – Team #1 is Laura & Tyler and they win a trip to New Zealand. Team #2 is Matt & Ashley. Team #3 is Hayley & Blair. Team #4 is Jenny & Jelani. Team #5 is Mike & Rochelle. Aly & Steve are the final team to check-in with Phil and have been eliminated tonight!

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