Time for the teams on The Amazing Race 2015 to get all done up and then have to race through Monaco tonight on The Amazing Race Season 26! Yes, get all dressed up and looking fancy, but then race through the streets of Monaco and walk these tightropes while wearing a fancy dress! Check it out with us tonight during our The Amazing Race 2015 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams returned after a couple weeks off for college basketball. They made their way to Germany and we saw a lot of the teams struggle with driving their Ford Focus cars, especially Kurt & Bergen. You figure they would know how to drive a stick! They gave up and left it on the side of the road and took a taxi instead. That penalty is what cost them and they were so far behind that Phil Keoghan found them along the race and told them they were eliminated and didn’t have to finish!

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Here we go…the teams are heading to Monaco. Aly & Steve are first to take off and it appears everyone else is taking a flight that is 45  minutes later and then Matt & Ashley 20 minutes later. Mike & Rochelle are last, but they happen to see Aly & Steve at the airport and try to get standby for their flight and it works, so they go from last to first team to arrive!

The first flight arrives and they are getting all dressed up to take a helicopter to Monaco now! The other teams see Mike & Rochelle and they are shocked they beat them there and you can see the bitterness!

Everyone is dressed up and flying to Monaco now. Aly & Steve arrive first and it is a Road Block, where one of them will go out and get chocolates and roses for the other one and deliver them to their partner. The issue is finding out where these roses and chocolates are! This is funny to see as one member is sitting and relaxing on a yacht and the other one is running around the city!

Steve is back first and delivers the goods, so they head out to the Casino de Monte Carlo. Mike can’t find the marked yacht and we have Jenny and Laura making their way back with their goodies. Mike is on the wrong side, but he finds it and they are still in second place!

Aly & Steve get to the casino and play some roulette to determine what Detour they will do: Don’t Slack Off or Win By A Nose. They don’t find out what they need to do later, but both require them to take the car and drive to it. Mike & Rochelle get their car, but get out to get directions first. We see Jenny freak out on Jelani because she can’t find the map she thinks she gave him.

Aly & Steve are caught in traffic and cops, so Steve asks where the church is and someone says right up the road, so they park and walk to it and it is the wrong church! They are very lost right now. They figure it out and finally are heading in the right direction, but Mike & Rochelle have arrived and for Win By A Nose the teams will be making a perfume and a cologne and having to match the scent to get the clue. For Don’t Slack Off, the teams will be zip lining 2,000 feet and then walking the rope back to get the clue!

For the perfumes, they have a list of ingredients, but some of the bottles are just numbered and they have to determine what it is. We have some tension between Mike & Rochelle. Jenny & Jelani, Matt & Ashley and Jeff & Jackie are zip lining. Jelani & Jenny are done first and will now be heading off to the Pit Stop. Mike & Rochelle, Blair & Hayley, Laura & Tyler and Aly & Steve are working on their perfumes and struggling with the mystery bottles.

Mike & Rochelle try and she is correct, but his is wrong and they have to try again. Laura & Tyler are not correct either. Meanwhile, Matt & Ashley finish the zip lining and Jeff & Jackie finish right after them and they both are heading to the Pit Stop. Aly & Steve get their perfumes right on the first attempt and head out to the Pit Stop. Laura & Tyler are right on their second attempt on The Amazing Race 2015. Blair & Hayley are correct on their first attempt and we have Mike & Rochelle trying again, but will they get it? They did and now it is a race to the Pit Stop!!!

PIT STOP – Hayley & Blair are Team #1 (how did that happen?) and they win a trip to South Africa! Team #2 is Aly & Steve. Team #3 is Mike & Rochelle. Team #4 are Matt & Ashley. Team #5 are Jelani & Jenny. Team #6 are Laura & Tyler. They went way out of the way and got lost, so the last team to check0in with Phil tonight is Jeff & Jackie and they have been eliminated tonight!

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