There is no awards show on CBS tonight, which means The Amazing Race 2014 is back and we have everything from Speed Bumps and hot knights coming our way! Oh, and we have a new location on The Amazing Race Season 25, as the teams head to Valetta, Malta, for the first time in 25 seasons! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last time on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams were flying high in Italy and this episode had my heart pumping, so maybe it was a good thing they took a week off! The teams were riding go karts up a mountain and painting ceilings. There was opera, which turned out to be the easier choice, especially when Brooke & Robbie and Amy & Maya decided to work together to get through the task. The painting took a while and it put Bethany & Adam and Tim & Te Jay at the back of the pack! They raced to the Pit Stop, but it was Tim & Te Jay as the last team to check-in with host Phil Keoghan. However, it was a non-elimination leg of the race and they are still in the competition, but will face a Speed Bump tonight!

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Here we go…we see Jim & Misti will kick things off and the teams will be heading to Malta and once there, they will pick up a tray of drinks and walk up the steps to deliver them to knights. Like us, the teams are all wondering where Malta is! And Amy is hurting, as she worked out too hard before coming on the show and she is walking very weird! Adam & Bethany have the Express Pass still.

On the ferry, we see Alli & Kym sitting alone and the other teams talk about them being loners and wanting to u-turn them! Yeah, leave my Cyclists alone!!! They all get to the drinks and start making their way up the steps in Malta. Jim drops his right away, which I like seeing, The other teams are moving slow and steady. Adam & Bethany get to the top and the knights, but then Bethany drops her glasses and they have to go all the way back down to get new ones!

Te Jay get close to the top and he drops, so now they have to restart! Kym & Alli get to the top and deliver their drinks and off to the next spot, which is the Zurrieq Valley Sea Inlet. Brooke & Robbie are right behind them. Then we see Amy drop her glass too.

Down at the bottom, Kym & Alli get a taxi and they tell The Wrestlers that their taxi driver is calling for one for them, which he was. Kym says don’t do that and Alli tells him to cancel it, but did he listen? Dirty play? A little bit, but they aren’t there to make friends! Everyone else but Amy & Maya are done and looking for taxis. Brooke & Robbie still don’t have a taxi, as the other teams all find one! They aren’t in last though.

The Wrestlers find a taxi finally and the teams are arriving at the next clue. They get a necklace, which lets three of the teams take off at 7:30am and the other three take off at 7:45am! All the teams are there, so a little lead for Kym & Alli, Jim & Misti and Tim & Te Jay.

The next morning arrives and it is Road Block, which is to rappel down 20 stories into the water and meet their partner. Misti is kicking butt on the rappelling, so props to her. Tim is not doing so well and is afraid. They all get down and get the next clue, which is to head to the Church of St. Scholastica for the next clue.

The first teams head to the church and Tim & Te Jay have the Speed Bump still to do. The second group is rappelling now and Brooke is bitter with every woman and being better than her!

Kym & Alli get to the next clue, which is a Detour and it is Flag or Shine, but no clues on what either one is, so they are going blind into their choice on The Amazing Race 2014! Flag is having the teams running up a greasy pole and each of them grabbing a flag.

They all pick Flag and Tim & Te Jay and Jim & Misti see Kym & Alli doing it, so they run to them. However, they skipped the clue box and just went to them. Alli got the yellow flag right away, so now Kym has to get the further out red flag and is struggling. Tim & Te Jay go to clue box and see their Speed Bump, which has them painting a cross on a shield. Then Jim is struggling with the flag and they think there has to be another option, but never got the clue either!

Jim & Misti head to the clue box. Now we see Kym struggling and they decide to switch to the other option. Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie are doing Shine, as are Jim & Misti and Kym & Alli now. Bethany & Adam are going to try Flag. For Shine, they will be shining up their armor and get approval by the knight in shining armor.

However, Bethany & Adam get to Flag and are using the Express Pass!!! They get the clue and it is to head to the Pit Stop at Fort Manoel. Now Tim & Te Jay get approval on their shields, so they head back to Flag and Amy & Maya came to that one on accident. Te Jay gets the yellow flag and Amy can’t run, so they are switching to Shine.

The Wrestlers are contemplating switching to Flag and Tim is struggling big time with getting that red flag, which seems impossible! We see Adam & Bethany check-in with Phil Keoghan and they are the first team and each win $10,000!

Apparently Jim & Misti are amazing at scrubbing armor, as they get approval and head to the Pit Stop. Brooke & Robbie decide to switch to Flag. Yeah, The Wrestlers are not going to do any better. They all start running, but then stop. They need to go full force or nothing. The Wrestlers give up and head back to Shine, as Kym & Alli and Amy & Maya try for approval and get denied. Kym & Alli finally get approval and head to the Pit Stop. Amy & Maya get it done on their second attempt, as well.

Jim & Misti check-in as the second team. Now it is down to Tim & Te Jay on Flag and Brooke & Robbie on Shine. Who will finish first??? Ugh, Tim & Te Jay decide to switch. Why so late???? Kym & Alli check-in as Team #3. Amy & Maya check-in as Team #4.

We see Brooke & Robbie get approval for their armor and head out, but they need to find a taxi! There is one waiting, but it is Tim & Te Jay’s and he won’t take them! It was made to look close, but we see Brooke & Robbie arrive as the fifth team and they are safe. Tim & Te Jay check-in as the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race Season 25 tonight!

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