The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 will be feeling fly in Italy tonight on The Amazing Race Season 25, they’ll be flying through the hills on a go kart! Some of my favorite teams on Amazing Race 2014 are still left in the hunt for that $1 million prize, so I am excited to see them move on to Italy and see who prevails tonight on The Amazing Race 25! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race Season 25, the teams stuck around Morocco and did some very adventurous challenges, including zip lining very high in the sky! We saw the teams milking goats and churning butter and then walking across bridges and zip lining. Two things I loved seeing: Bethany do the one challenge on her own and with one arm, which was so cool to see, and Shelley & Nici be at the back of the pack all night long and peacefully make their exit from the competition! They overstayed their welcome by a few weeks!

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The fun begins soon, so stay right here for our recap beginning shortly!


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Here we go…things kick off, as Jim & Misti start it off and they are heading to Sicily. All the teams seem to be talking about getting along together so well and no fighting, so will we see lots of fighting tonight? So, it looks like there are two flights to Sicily and The Dentists and The Cyclists will have a 40-minute lead on the other teams. Kym & Alli are not friends of Jim & Misti, but they will work with them if need be.

The other teams have arrived and they are all racing against each other in separate taxis, as the first two teams took one together. They arrive at the clue and they find messages that they will way until the next morning for the clue, so it is a night of dancing!

The next morning arrives and the clues are given in twos in ten minute increments with Jim & Misti and Kym & Alli taking off to head to Villa Costanza for the next clue. Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie are off next. No longer working together for Jim & Misti and The Cyclists, as they take separate taxis. Stay away from Jim! The teams are definitely struggling to find taxis, as they are all trying to head out.

They get to the clue and it is a Road Block, as they will be riding up a mountain in a go-kart. They have to cross the finish line in under 4:07, so put your foot to the medal! Everyone has a taxi except Brooke & Robbie, who are just standing on the corner and waiting!

Kym and Jim get started on their go karts and let the fun begin. The Wrestlers finally get a taxi. We see Jim trying to block out Kym in the go karts, but she is a lot smaller and can speed past him in the straightaways and I love it! They both get done in time and head back down the mountain with their driver. Maya does a run and is 4:32, so she has to go back down and do it again on Amazing Race 2014!

Kym and Jim are done and get the next clue and it is a Detour: Painters, which has them restoring a painting on the ceiling, or Posers, which has them head to the theater and listen to some opera singers and then match the costumes with the singers and opera!

Maya is back down the hill and it is a full-on race, as we have Adam, Brooke, Maya and Te Jay all racing up that mountain and Brooke is kicking some major butt! Adam is trying to hold back Te Jay, but it doesn’t matter and all the teams get done in time and they head back down the mountain for the next clue on The Amazing Race 2014!

There is mass chaos, as all of the teams are searching for taxis and trying to get to the detour first. It looks like The Wrestlers will be doing some singing and joining them are Amy & Maya, as there were only four spots open for Painters and they were the fifth team and now have to drive to the other Detour and they are way behind now!

Robbie & Brooke start with the opera and does anyone understand this??? They definitely don’t and want to switch, but know the other teams are filled for the painting and go see the chart and know they just have to memorize the outfits and think they got this. Meanwhile, the painters are all sweating their butts off and sore from holding their arms up. Both Jim & Misti and Kym & Alli try to get approval, but fail.

More opera and then Jim & Misti get approval for their painting and get the clue, which is to head to Villa Niscemi for the next Pit Stop! Kym & Alli get approval and they head out! Amy & Maya attempt their costumes and are not correct (with only one wrong), so they all decide to work together and get out of there.

Now it is a race to the Pit Stop, but those dang dentists get there first and it is the 300th leg of The Amazing Race. For winning this leg of the race, Jim & Misti win a trip to Ocho Rios! Kym & Alli check-in as Team #2 right behind them.

Bethany & Adam and Tim & Te Jay try their painting for approval and no luck (I am scared either of them will be eliminated). At Posers, Amy & Maya and Brooke & Robbie worked together and got all the costumes in order, but Amy & Maya are checked first and head out. The Wrestlers are upset, but they head out right after them and the other teams struggle with their painting.

We see Bethany & Adam get approval and head out, but then Tim & Te Jay are next and got approval, so all four remaining teams are headed there. At the Pit Stop, Amy & Maya are Team #3 and Brooke & Robbie are Team #4. Now it is a battle of the taxis and who gets through the traffic faster!!!

At the Pit Stop, we see Bethany & Adam are Team #5 and then Tim & Te Jay come in as the last team for this leg of the race, however this is a non-elimination leg of the race and no one is eliminated….YAY!!! They will face a Speed Bump in the next leg to make up for it.

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