The tension among the teams on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 is about to go up tonight, but that is what happens with the Double U-Turn comes into play on The Amazing Race 2014! The teams have all played nice this season, shocking from Rachel & Brendon, but they might show off their evil sides tonight on The Amazing Race Season 24. Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the teams took on fighting some gladiators as they traveled to Rome! This was actually pretty funny to see with some of them and I have gained a lot of respect for the Afghanimals (Leo & Jamal) this season. They were a little shady during their initial season, but they are trying to play a fair game this time around and I like that. They helped out both Jessica & John and Flight Time & Big Easy with one of the challenges and then it was a footrace to the finish line! Jessica & John checked in last with Phil Keoghan and were eliminated from the race!

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Here we go…we kick things off with Brendon & Rachel starting it out with the first clue, which has them driving a Ford Focus to the next clue. They head out, but Caroline & Jen head to the hotel to get clues first and get a copy for Dave & Connor also and will be working with them on this leg of the race! Jet & Cord start out and have the Express Pass, which they have to use this leg of the race.

Meanwhile, Dave & Connor get ahead in the traffic and Caroline & Jen lose them and think they got ditched, but they tried to wait for them. Brendon & Rachel get to the clue and it is a Detour: Donkey Run, which has them racing donkeys around the lap three times, or Donkey Build, which has them assembling a wood donkey using all the parts.

Brendon & Rachel and Dave & Connor will be racing donkeys. Brendon & Rachel look for donkeys that just pooped because they are faster? Bad choice right now, as Rachel falls off and it is a hot mess. Dave & Connor get there and ask where to get the helmets and no help from Brendon & Rachel!

Brendon & Rachel get it correct on the second attempt and now get the clue to head to Hostaria del Ponte. Meanwhile, The Globetrotters and Caroline & Jen are both lost. Brendon & Rachel get to the spot and it is the Double U-Turn and they were going to U-Turn the Cowboys, but since Dave & Connor right behind them, Brendon says Dave & Connor and they choose them and head out to the next spot.

Jet & Cord get to the Detour and use their Express Pass, in case they are U-Turned. They are right there with Dave & Connor, who get to the U-Turn board first and find out they were U-Turned and trying to figure out who they will U-Turn! They decide to do Leo & Jamal and are ticked at Brendon & Rachel. They run into each other, so Dave & Connor tell them they U-Turned them and decide to work together on Donkey Build.

Brendon & Rachel get to the next clue, which is a Road Block: The Write Stuff, which has them writing a page from an ancient manuscript on The Amazing Race 2014. Rachel will be doing the Road Block. Caroline & Jen get to Donkey Build and will join in on the fun. They can’t figure it out, so Leo & Jamal go do the Donkey Race in the meantime. Dave & Connor finally figure it out and get it done correctly, so they head out and see Leo & Jamal in the meantime and tell them how to do it correctly, which is so nice. Leo & Jamal fail on the first attempt of Donkey Race.

Jet is doing the calligraphy and Jet is making friends with the monks in the meantime. Leo & Jamal finish the Donkey Race and get back and finish their Donkey Build as Flight Time & Big Easy start Donkey Race, which is not working well with how big they are! The one donkey is doing nothing, so they switch to Donkey Build. Leo & Jamal finish and head out to do calligraphy.

Rachel tries her calligraphy and it is not correct, so she must try again. Dave & Connor and Caroline & Jen get there and Dave & Connor are not happy with Team Brenchel and say thanks and they say it is just a game and they are both playing it, but they are playing better. Karma is a b****, people! The Globetrotters are struggling with building the donkey and missing the final piece, like everyone else did.

Rachel gets it right this time and head out to the Pit Stop, which is at Piazza del Duomo. The Globetrotters give up on building and head back to try and race the donkeys again. This time it works and they are successful and head out to do some calligraphy. Jet gets it right and they are heading to the Pit Stop. Speaking of which, Brendon & Rachel check-in with Phil Keoghan and are the first team and have won $7,500 each!

Caroline gets it right and they are heading to the Pit Stop! Connor never wanted to do it and he thinks he will never get it and wants to take the penalty! Leo gets his approved and they head to the Pit Stop, but they know how much Dave & Connor helped them, so they stay and help Connor! He gets approved and they both head out as Jet & Cord check-in with Phil Keoghan as Team #2.

Now we have Leo & Jamal get the directions right, but Caroline & Jen and Dave & Connor are lost. Leo & Jamal get to Phil first and they are Team #3. Then Caroline & Jen are Team #4 and Dave & Connor are Team #5. They said they were angry with the U-Turn from Team Brenchel and are playing hardball now!

We see Flight Time & Big Easy finish their calligraphy and check-in with Phil Keoghan as the last team and they have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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