The teams on The Amazing Race 2014 are leaving Sri Lanka behind and heading to Rome tonight on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 and it looks like they will be going back to Roman times and fighting some gladiators! How funny will it be to see Leo & Jamal take on these big guys? You can watch it with us during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last time on The Amazing Race Season 24, the teams stayed in Sri Lanka and had some exciting challenges, like trying to fill up at the gas station. Seems easy, right? Not at all, as there were cars every where and no one was afraid of getting dents in the taxis! There were train rides and waiting for museums to open, so it was a close race for everyone. In the end, Caroline & Jen were the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan, however it was another non-elimination leg of the race and they were still in the game! A Speed Bump awaits them tonight on Amazing Race All Stars 2014!

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Here we go….things kick off with Leo & Jamal reading the first clue, which is to fly to Rome, Italy for the next clue. As it turns out, all the teams got on the same flight, so all even again! The teams land and are heading to the bridge. John & Jessica get to the clue first and it is a Detour: Gladiator, which has the teams learn sword skills to fight a gladiator and keep the crowds happy, or Charioteer, which is to drive remote control chariots around a course before the flames go out!

Before getting there, Caroline & Jen get their Speed Bump. They have to get an old typewriter and then head out and find a building that resembles it. Once they do, they will get the next clue and try to catch up to the other teams!

John & Jessica are learning the sword fighting skills and he has done martial arts in the past, so he is picking up very easily. It seems like everyone else is doing the Charioteer. Caroline & Jen get their typewriter and now are trying to find the building it resembles.

John & Jessica are trying the fight, but he keeps screwing up and using his shield! She gets it right, but he does not and has to do it a third time! Leo & Jamal think the chariots are too much to handle, so they decide to switch to Gladiator! All the teams are doing chariot, but they all race at the same time and everyone is crashing into each other! Rachel is getting frustrated and wants to switch. She wants to switch, but Brendon said to stick it out on The Amazing Race 2014.

Caroline & Jen get the Speed Bump done and now head out to do the Charioteer. Now John & Jessica try the sword fighting again and are successful, so they get the next clue, which is to head to Piazza Di Spagna for the next clue! The taxi driver said no Piazza, but plaza. They trust him though!

Their horse is all broke, but Brendon & Rachel get it done in time and head out to Piazza. Jet & Cord and Dave & Connor both finish the chariots next time and head out! Leo & Jamal learn their sword fighting moves and make an attempt, but fail. Flight Time & Big Easy were only on the course with Caroline & Jen now, so they got it done easily and the Country Singers are left by themselves. They think they are going to be eliminated this race, so they are just going to have fun. Yet, Leo & Jamal have to do their Detour still and John & Jessica are lost with their taxi driver!

Brendon & Rachel get to the next clue and it is a Road Block, which had them going up the biggest steps and count them. Then add it to the year it was erected. Write the total down on a postcard and it is between Roman numerals and regular numbers! It is beyond difficult!

Leo & Jamal are beyond amazing in their sword fight and get it done right, so they move on and are in last place! John & Jessica ditch their taxi driver and try and find a hotel to research themselves! They get to a hotel and are trying to figure out where to go. Dave & Connor arrive at the steps and Rachel points them where the clue is, but won’t tell them! They find it and get started. Brendon, with the help of an old man, gets the numbers and help in putting them in Roman numerals and he gives it to the couple and they are correct and get the next clue! They will now head to Piazza del Popolo for the Pit Stop, if they can figure out the clue!

All the teams seem to be struggling with finding these steps on The Amazing Race 2014, but we see Rachel & Brendon check-in with Phil Keoghan and they are the first team and have won a trip to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef! Now we have Dave and Caroline working on the steps and they kind of work together and get the numbers right and are heading to the Pit Stop, so they made it work with that Speed Bump! They both check-in with Phil and Caroline & Jen are second and Dave & Connor are third, and they let the girls go first like true gentleman…how nice!

Jet & Cord get the numbers figured out and get to the Pit Stop as the fourth team. They still have their Express Pass, which has to be used next week, so they are in a good place. Flight Time is trying to do the steps, but not understanding the task. He gets the stairs, but not adding it to the year is was constructed!

Leo & Jamal have arrived at the steps and Jamal and Flight Time are working together. John & Jessica arrive and John starts working and they are all working with the residents. Jamal gets it right and heads out, but decides to give it to Flight Time and John, as long as they don’t U-Turn them! John has to run and get a new postcard! That is what does them in, as they all get to the mat and check-in with Phil Keoghan at the same time. Leo & Jamal are team #5, Flight Time & Big Easy are team #6 and John & Jessica are the last team and have been eliminated on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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