With the pressure on and teams on The Amazing Race 2014 trying to fight back and get to that top spot, it looks like Rachel loses control on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014 tonight, but will it hurt their chances of improving spots? Rachel has kept her cool all season long and even been encouraging to the other teams, but will that change tonight? Find out during our The Amazing Race 2014 Live Recap tonight and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2014 tonight!

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Last week on The Amazing Race All Stars 2014, the teams had to travel from Malaysia to Sri Lanka. This meant finding a flight and a flight where there was only enough room for the first six teams to purchase tickets. We found Rachel & Brendon and Margie & Luke as the final two teams and they has three options: go on standby and hope two seats open up, try another flight with a 30-minute connecting flight in Singapore (which the worker said was impossible to do) or wait ten hours for the next flight! Team Brenchel took the connecting flight and made it! Margie & Luke took standby and did not get a seat, so waited ten hours for the next flight. It put them way behind everyone else and it was no contest on them being the last team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and they were eliminated!

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Due to March Madness (again), we have a late start tonight! The Amazing Race kicks off at 8:20/7:20c and we’ll have live recap starting then!

Here we go…we kick things off tonight with Dave & Connor taking things off to the Dutch Museum for the first clue. The museum opens up at 8:30am, so all the teams arrive and wait for the opening and everyone is even to start this leg of the race! They all run in and get the clue and will now head to the train station to head to Alawwa, Sri Lanka. Everyone got on it and they get to enjoy the great views!

They get to the clue and it is a Road Block: they will head to the gas station and pick a color. They then will head out and find four taxis with their color and return them to the gas station to fill up! The problem is that there are cars and people everywhere and no one is waiting for anyone!

Rachel is filling up green cars and not looking for the green striped card on the front! She is filling up the wrong cars, but holding the gas pump and not giving it up or her spot, but doing it all wrong! All the teams on The Amazing Race 2014 are trying to maneuver cars and try to get their spot in line and it is a mess. No one is moving and the teams are being very competitive. Rachel thinks she has four green cars done, but gets denied and has no clue what she is going wrong!

Rachel then tries to fill up a car that is red for John and he finally tells her what is up, so now she goes to work on actual green cars! Big Easy & Flight Time get their four cars done and get the clue, which is to head to Rambukkana for the next clue! Leo & Jamal and John & Jessica finish up and they all head to get train tickets. All the other teams get on the train, but it is a close call for Team Brenchel, but they get on the train and everyone even again!

They all get off the train and get in the little taxis and the race is on again! They rush to the river to get the clues, which is a Detour: Trunk, work with elephants to carry six logs each and load them up, or Sheets, make five sheets of paper made from elephant dung! Will any teams actually make the paper???

There are only so many chains for the logs, so the other teams have to do Sheets! We see Flight Time & Big Easy, Brendon & Rachel and Caroline & Jen working on the sheets and in the dung! Jet & Cord and Leo & Jamal get their rope approved and start on the logs, but Dave & Connor keep trying, but rope and chain is not approved!

Over on sheets, none of the teams are getting approved for the sheets and not sure what to do! Flight Time & Big Easy see they are supposed to push it down when they take out the paper and do that and get their first sheet approved. Jet & Cord get their logs done and will now travel to Ambepussa Rest House for the next clue!Leo & Jamal are right behind them and then Jessica & John and Dave & Connor are falling behind!

Flight Time is shaking his butt for the judge to help them get approved! Dave & Connor finish the logs and head out! Flight Time & Big Easy get their sheets done and will head out to the Rest House!

Jet & Cord get to the Rest House and listen to the wise man play music and get the next clue, which is to head to Mount Lavinia Hotel Beach for the Pit Stop! Leo & Jamal are right behind them and are racing to the Pit Stop and it is going to be a footrace to the end! Brendon & Rachel get the sheets done a little before Caroline & Jen and it might be a footrace for them to not be last tonight on The Amazing Race 2014!

All the teams are now headed to the Pit Stop and traffic is crazy, so who will get to Phil Keoghan first??? It is a footrace to the end, but Leo & Jamal barely beat the Cowboys and take first place for this leg of the race and win a trip to Berlin! Jet & Cord are second team. Dave & Connor and the Globetrotters are in same place, but Globetrotters’ driver go in different direction and appear to be lost! Jessica & John are third team and Dave & Connor are fourth team! Brendon & Rachel are the fifth team!

We now have Flight Time & Big Easy lost and Caroline & Jen making their way there. I am thankful, as Flight Time & Big Easy get there and are the sixth team! That means Caroline & Jen are the last place team tonight and it is another non-elimination leg of the race, so no one is eliminated and they have a Speed Bump to take on next time….ugh!!

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