Besides the return of Blood vs. Water on Survivor 2014, we will also see the return of Exile Island on Survivor Season 29! This is going to be more intense, as loved ones will be battling against each other and no one wants to lose! The castaways on Survivor Season 29 will have some familiar faces on the other side of the fence, but they all have one goal in mind: be the winner of Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014! Check out the premiere with us tonight during our Survivor 2014 Recap and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

Survivor 2014 Spoilers - Season 29 Premiere Preview 21

Like I stated before, we have a second edition of Blood vs. Water, but not returning players against their loved ones. It is just loved ones coming on the show and fighting against each other to win that $1 million. Jeff Probst said there were not enough returning players to make it an interesting season, so they went with an all-new cast on Survivor San Juan del Sur (which is going to get old typing as the season wears on).

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Our recap begins soon, so we get to see how all of this plays out for Season 29. The castaways are about to start their Survivor journey, so stay tuned here!


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Here we go…there is that famous helicopter start. The pairs were dropped off the day before and giving some flint to work on starting a fire before the competition starts. They will spend one night together and then the real game starts! We see Miss Michigan 2013, so representing my state again! John Rocker caused some controversy when he made some homophobic comments a few years back, but he is here to show us a different side of him and brings his boobs girlfriend with him. Drew and Alec are brothers and competitive and cute. They can stay on the island a long time! We have the Broadway couple, so Frankie Grande would be pissed they got cast and he never moved past the auditions! There are the Twinnies and they are already arguing…at least they’ll be on separate tribes! Wes thinks he is mentally strong, but his Dad thinks otherwise. I may be fans of them!

The new day arrives and time for the castaways to come in front of Jeff! I am loving Keith & Wes and they are hilarious. The Twinnies say they are from The Amazing Race, so not holding that back in case anyone doesn’t know. The loved ones are separated into tribes: Hunahpu (Blue) and Coyopa (Orange)

REWARD CHALLENGE: They are running through an obstacle with ropes and trying to get rings, which they’ll use to catch two platforms. First tribe to get both their platforms past the finish line will win fire and beans!

Hunahpu wins the rock, paper, scissors and Jeremy volunteers to go. However, he will go up against his wife Val and the loser will head to Exile Island and come back for the Immunity Challenge, but late at forming those crucial bonds! They start and Val is holding strong, but Jeremy gets out to an early lead. Val gets caught up, but Jeremy gets the first platform back and starts on the second ring. He gets that and starts working on the second platform. She gets the first one back and starts on the second ring. It doesn’t matter, as Jeremy wins reward for his tribe and sends Val to Exile Island. She held her own though!

Now Jeremy must pick someone from his tribe to head to Exile Island with his wife. He picks Keith because he is an outdoorsy guy and can start the fire and take care of his wife. We see some emotions already on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014!

Time for the tribes to head to their islands and start setting up camp! The excitement is in the air, but how long will this last? The Blue Tribe is giving props to Jeremy, but he is struggling and trying to be a “man” and not cry about sending his wife to Exile Island. He said he is good with women, so now he is going out and talking to all the women in the tribe and starting alliances. Has he watched this show before??? They all think Jeremy is good and honest, but he may be spreading himself thin on this one.

Over at the Orange tribe, they are setting up camp and they seem to have some youngin’s on this tribe. Dale is 55 years old and a little bit of an outcast. He goes to get water and finds this necklace, but not a Hidden Immunity Idol. He keeps it and hopes it could help him down the road on Survivor 2014! Dale is trying to start a fire and using his glasses and brush and breaks them to double the magnification and it works! They think he is a little crazy, but he gets that fire and he just upped his need for the tribe!

EXILE ISLAND: We see Val and Keith arrive. There is pretty much nothing there and both are upset they are missing out on bonding with their tribes. They find urns and get to pick one. His has an empty paper, but her’s has a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol at her camp, which she keeps secret!

On the Blue Tribe, Drew has taken over building the shelter and not happy everyone has left him. He has it up in the air some and Missy questions if it will be strong enough. Julie thinks Drew is a young, dumb guy and she might be right! Over on the Orange Tribe, Wes knows that John used to be a famous baseball player and asks him his last name, but he denies it! He keeps pushing at it, so John tells him he was right, but tells him to keep it among themselves. Will it work or will it hurt Wes for knowing?

We have our first medical scare, as Josh is having some stinging in his eye and they are all red for the Orange Tribe. He is trying to figure out what it would be. They think it is the plant they used for their roof and it has some poison in it, so they get rid of it and get rid of it quick! We see that Jon’s Dad has cancer and a tumor and might not make it, but he got his blessing to do this and he hopes he can watch the season with him.

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: Val and Keith return to their tribes. For this challenge, they will raise to the top of a tower. They will retrieve bags along the way to get to the top. Once at top, they will work on a puzzle. First one done with puzzle will win immunity on Survivor Season 29!

The tribes both get all their bags and the baseball player gets the balls in the slot and the Orange Team is off to an early lead. Blue Tribe gets it and they start climbing up. Orange Team is working on second wall and moving quickly and gets it done and Blue Tribe is working on second wall. Final wall is using each other to climb the wall and John is using his own body as a ladder! Orange Team is up and working on puzzle. Blue Team is behind, but gets up the final wall and both are working on the puzzle, which is a huge puzzle! Both tribes get to the final piece and it does not work, so they have to figure out what is wrong! Blue Team was behind, but they nailed the puzzle and worked together well and they win immunity!

Blue Tribe comes back to camp and Keith is happy to see how much they have done and he is working on learning names. Jeremy pulls Keith aside and they are both firefighters (another version of cops from last season)? Jeremy said he has his back from helping his wife out at Exile Island. Val get to her camp and she knows she could be voted off tonight, so she heads out to the well to find that Hidden Immunity Idol. The guys are talking and they want Nadiya should be first one to go since she was on The Amazing Race and let Val stay. Josh feels he has some option right now, but that can be scary.

Val and the girls get together and they bring up that all-girls alliance. This will not last, of course. They include Josh in their all-girls alliance and want to vote Dale out because he will hold them back in challenges, even if he did start the fire. Josh is torn between girls and guys alliance, so it is on him tonight.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: John said it moved along very quickly in these three days. Nadiya said they all get along, but they have to look at physical capabilities. She has a positive attitude and Jeff seems impressed, but how soon will this love end among their tribe? Jaclyn said the guys are bonding quickly. Dale is trying to use his starting the fire to his benefit. Wes said that Josh is the most liked and it goes back to him being gay and Nadiya considers him a girlfriend! Time for the vote on Survivor 2014 tonight!

VOTING RESULTS: Nadiya, Dale, Baylor, Dale, Nadiya, Dale, Nadiya, Nadiya and Nadiya! The first person eliminated on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 is Nadiya and the Twinnies aren’t going to last here!

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