We have the return of Survivor 2014 in one week, as Survivor San Juan del Sur makes its debut on CBS and we are back to the Blood vs. Water concept for the new season. The new season hasn’t even started airing yet, but there is already drama with the new cast on Survivor Season 29! We started with ten pairs making their way to the island, but a medical issue had one pairing eliminated before the new season even started! So, who is competing to be the new winner of Survivor Season 29? Check out the Survivor 2014 cast below in our Survivor 2014 spoilers!

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Survivor 2014 Spoilers - Season 29 Cast

Like I stated before, we have a second edition of Blood vs. Water, but not returning players against their loved ones. It is just loved ones coming on the show and fighting against each other to win that $1 million. Jeff Probst said there were not enough returning players to make it an interesting season, so they went with an all-new cast on Survivor San Juan del Sur (which is going to get old typing as the season wears on).

Before the season premiere next week, check out the pairings and their relationships here:

  • John Rocker, 39, Atlanta, former pro baseball player
  • Julie McGee, 34, Atlanta, model and owner of True Glow Spray Tan
  • Relationship: Living Together
  • Josh Canfield, 32, New York City, singer, actor and writer
  • Reed Kelly, 31, New York City, Broadway performer, model and aerialist
  • Relationship: Christian “Broadway boyfriends”
  • Natalie Anderson, 28, Edgewater, New Jeresey, physical therapy student
  • Nadiya Anderson, 28, West New York, New Jersey, non-profit project coordinator
  • Relationship: Twinnies from The Amazing Race
  • Missy Payne, 46, Dallas, owner of competitive cheerleading gym
  • Baylor Wilson, 20, Dallas, student
  • Relationship: Mother and Daughter
  • Keith Nale, 53, Shreveport, Louisiana, fire captain
  • Wes Nale, 22, Shreveport, Louisiana, firefighter
  • Relationship: Father and Son
  • Drew Christy, 25, Winter Park, Florida, traveling sales rep
  • Alec Christy, 22, college student
  • Relationship: Brothers
  • Jon Misch, 26, Waterford, Michigan, financial assistant
  • Jaclyn Schultz, 25, Las Vegas, media buyer
  • Relationship: College Sweethearts
  • Jeremy Collins, 36, Foxboro, Massachusetts, firefighter
  • Val Collins, 35, Foxboro, Massachusetts, police officer
  • Relationship: Married with kids
  • Dale Wentworth, 55, Ephrata, Washington, farmer
  • Kelley Wentworth, 28, Seattle, marketing manager
  • Relationship: Father and Daughter

Now it is time to check out some photos of the Survivor 2014 cast here:

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Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 premieres next Wednesday at 8/7c on CBS .

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