I will be the first to admit it, but I have not been a fan of The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and the way he has acted on The Bachelor 2014 and his words and actions on and outside of the show. He seems like a player and definitely only did The Bachelor Season 18 as a way to gain some fame and get on Dancing with the Stars 2014, which did not happen since the cast was announced this morning and his name was not found on it! However, do you think the women were a little too hard on him last night on The Bachelor 2014 Women Tell All special? I do and explain in my Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 spoilers below!


Last night on The Bachelor 2014, it seems like the women were on a mission to attack Juan Pablo and make him feel bad for everything that he did and let them soak up those 15 minutes in the spotlight a little bit more for themselves. Sure, Juan Pablo gave many mixed messages this season and didn’t seem like he was interested at times, I get that, but they also knew what they were signing up for and seem a little jaded that they were sent home.

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A lot of the women that were sent home early, like Lauren S. and Alli, had strong feelings toward Juan Pablo and they were not good ones. Lauren S. tried to go off on Juan Pablo about the feelings and not being genuine and then Kelly put her in her place saying that Lauren S. was in tears at the house over him.

We then saw Kelly mention the anti-gay comments that Juan Pablo made earlier this year and he said he would talk to her after the show, but then it became an attack on Juan Pablo and Victoria said the language barrier is a copout and everyone seemed to be going after The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014!

Here are my thoughts on it: the women were on a mission last night to drag Juan Pablo down and I think it just made them look bad. If you noticed, Renee Oteri kept quiet during most of it, which shows her class. Sharleen actually defended Juan Pablo on the anti-gay comments and said things can be taken out of context. Sharleen is an intelligent woman and gained nothing by defending him, so I think that means something. Even Andi defended him at times, so I think it was just women being spiteful for being sent home earlier than they thought they deserved to be.

Do you think the women were too hard on Juan Pablo last night?

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