We are one week away from finding out the winner of The Bachelor 2014, so that means we have a week off on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and we have the Women Tell All special on The Bachelor Season 18! The eliminated women on The Bachelor 2014 will return tonight and sit down with The Bachelor host Chris Harrison to talk about the season and it seems they are teaming up to take down Juan Pablo! We also get to see the first television appearance from the happy Bachelor couple, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici! Watch it all go down with us tonight during our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap and see the drama unfold on the Women Tell All special!


Last week on The Bachelor Season 18, we saw the Hometown Dates and Overnight Dates all in one week, as ABC ran a two-night special. The big drama from the week focused on two things: the elimination of Renee Oteri (our favorite all season long) and the self-elimination of Andi Dorfman after her time in the fantasy suite with Juan Pablo! Now it is their time to confront Juan Pablo on what happened and maybe get some more details on that crazy night Andi experienced during her Overnight Date!

The fun begins shortly on The Bachelor 2014 Week 9, so follow along with our recap below!


Don’t want to know what happened on our The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 Spoilers Recap or see who went home on The Bachelor Season 18 tonight? Then don’t look ahead!!!


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Here we go…Chris Harrison is present and time to get this thing started! He said this season has been one of the most controversial seasons ever. Before the drama starts, let’s talk love and bring back Sean and Catherine and talk about how married life is treating them. They loved watching the wedding and can now show their kids their journey from when they met to their wedding. Sean said the wedding night was fireworks and Catherine said quick fireworks! A stingray latched onto his private parts on the honeymoon. He said they will probably take like 12 months and start having babies!

After a sneak peek at the new Muppet movie, we are now back in the studio and the women are in attendance! Here tonight are Lauren H., Kylie, Danielle, Elise, Alli, Victoria, Chantel, Christy, Lauren S., Lucy, Cassandra, Chelsie, Kat, Kelly, Sharleen, Renee and Andi.

Renee said she doesn’t remember a thing from Night 1. Kat said Juan Pablo is more attractive in person. Kelly said Molly, her dog, did not like Juan Pablo and walked right past him and ruined their chances on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014! The women all think he is hot, but a lot of the women said the conversations were one-sided and he didn’t ask about them. Renee said they related on a different level because they have kids and could talk about that. Cassandra said they talked about kids, but he never asked about more. Lauren S. said he did not seem like he was genuine, but Kelly calls her out on that and said she was in tears in the house over him and some of the women are scorned and saying things now.

Kat said they aren’t sure of their place in the game and then Juan Pablo changed the rules on them, especially with the kissing. Kelly said that he used his daughter as an excuse, but he wasn’t saying Camila’s name in the ocean! Kat said it was hard hearing him saying Cassandra and Renee were his special ones and wondered what the hell she was.

Cassandra said she was confused because she thought their was chemistry on their one-on-one date, but then not kiss Renee and play by different rules. Andi and Kat roomed with Clare in Vietnam and had no clue she left! They said he did not handle the situation very well with Clare in Vietnam and Sharleen said he had buyer’s remorse and he should have manned up. Andi said Clare took an opportunity and she would have done the same thing.

First one taking the hot seat tonight on The Bachelor 2014 is Sharleen! He said her relationship with The Bachelor is never one they have seen before. She said she was honest with him. She said goodbye because she knew he wasn’t the one for her, ultimately. She knew what was supposed to come at the end and it wasn’t her. She said they had great chemistry, but she was trying to piece together something that was more than physical. She found him interesting. She doesn’t regret leaving and thought he was very kind to her.

Next person up in the hot seat is Renee! She said a lot of their connection stemmed from them both having kids. She said it is tough to watch the video back, but would do nothing differently. She said she may have told him she loved him during the hometowns, but it never flowed. She doesn’t think that would have changed things with him though. She learned a lot being on the show and it gave her confidence in the dating world. She said she has possibly dated since the show and is in a situation now where she is very happy!

We get even more answers on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014, as Andi takes the hot seat! She said there were a lot of things about him that she liked and liked spending time with him. In that moment, she thought she could fall in love with him. She said when the doors closed and everyone left, it was nice and they had some fun times and laughed for a few hours. She said then it turned into all about him and he was being extremely negative about the whole process and not grateful for this opportunity and he thinks he was a great Bachelor! She said the things he said made her feel cheap and he was inappropriate, but he was not being mean to her. She said she is still looking for someone.

The moment we have all been waiting for as The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 takes the stage. He said he is happy seeing them all again. He said after the final rose, they will all be normal people and friends. He said he would not change anything he has done and would treat no one differently and he has been honest to them all. He said when you are honest with someone, it is going to hurt. Cassandra said if Renee is not the one for him and he was looking out for Ben, then he should not have met him on the hometown date, but he thinks it was fine and Camila meets his friends all the time.

All the women are attacking him on the “special ones” and treating others differently. Andi defends him, but none of these women seem happy with him and a difference between being fair and being honest!

Andi said the conversations did not show that he was looking for a wife and they are all on the same page with that. He said he got to know some of the women as he wanted. Sharleen felt he did ask those questions and they got to know each other. At the end of the day, he took this seriously.

Kelly confronts Juan Pablo about the “gays are more pervert” comment and she has gay parents and cries and said it was taken out of context and Victoria said stop using English is my second language as a copout. He said he will talk to Kelly for an hour after the show and explain, but then Sharleen pipes up and said they did talk about equality during their dates and he is very open-minded is what she gathered.

Time for some bloopers and Juan Pablo wanting a woman to accept him and his little package! There are some funny shots and an “it’s okay” montage!

We now talk about the final two women on The Bachelor Juan Pablo 2014 and said they are polar opposite women and we seem to have a split Team Nikki and Team Clare and then it is a sneak peek at The Bachelor 2014 finale.

What do you think of the Women Tell All special tonight?

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