For all of you wanting to get past the silly So You Think You Can Dance audition routines and check out those ten special dancers who will be dancing for our votes with the allstars, read on for the spoilers thanks to sytycdism.

There is a twist to the top ten and that is Nigel must have made an executive decision and cast 6 boys instead of 5 so we have a top 11.  The names are in no particular order as follows:


1. Cristina Santana (salsa)
2. Melinda Sullivan (tap)
3. Alexie Agdeppa (jazz)
4. Lauren Froderman (contemporary)
5. Ashley Galvan (lyrical)


1. Jose “Full Deck” Ruiz (breaking)
2. Billy Bell (contemporary)
3. Alex Wong (ballet)
4. Kent Boyd (contemporary)
5. Robert Roldan (contemporary)
6. Ade Chike Torbert (contemporary)

After two episodes of more of the same crappy auditions that I can hardly stomache, although I will admit it hasn’t been as bad this season, I want to see more of those who made it to Las Vegas and much less of those people trying to get their five minutes of fame.  Hopefully the changes this season will give the SYTYCD show the makeover it needs and I’m looking forward to seeing these previous contenders back on the stage.

How do you think things are going so far this season?

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