Get settled in because we have a long night of Survivor 2014 Season 29 tonight, as we have two new hours of Jeff Probst and the remaining castaways and it looks like Jon & Jaclyn are going to have a little tension going between them on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014. With the longer night means two more castaways joining the jury on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014! Who will be voted off tonight on Survivor 29? Find out during our Survivor 2014 Season 29 Recap tonight and see who got eliminated on Survivor 2014 tonight!

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Last week on Survivor Blood vs Water 2014, the castaways went nine weeks without playing one of the million Hidden Immunity Idols in play. We headed to Tribal Council and all hell broke loose! No one knew what was going to happen, but Jon was feeling pretty confident. Well, Natalie and Jaclyn warned him and he decided to play his idol (good thing for him too). This also led Keith to play his idol (good thing for him too, kind of). Both of them would have went home without playing it, but it also meant that Wes was eliminated, so Keith saved himself but sent home his son!

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The fun begins shortly, so follow along with all the action tonight below in our Survivor 2014 Recap starting soon! In the meantime, check out our predictions on who we think is going home tonight!


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Here we go…the guys come back from Tribal Council and pissed Keith outed their plan and he has no clue what he did wrong. Now we see the others glad Jon used his idol and he thinks he planned on using it, but Jaclyn and Natalie told him to use it. He is such an ego-driven ass! Jaclyn is not happy and I am livid myself!

REWARD CHALLENGE: The castaways meet Jeff Probst and he said it is a challenge to see how well they know the other castaways. Each right answer gets to chop the rope of someone else. Three chops and you are out. Last one with rope left wins a horse ride and trip to get some barbecue and brownies and a nights stay at this lagoon.

  • Question 1 – They are all right except Keith, so they all get a chop. Natalie asks Jon what to do and he says go for Reed. She does and so does Jon, but Alec chops Natalie. Missy chops Reed and he is out. Missy and Baylor chop Alec and then Reed chops Missy.
  • Question 2 – They are all right and the chopping begins and Alec and Keith are out this round. Now the five discuss who will win and Jeff just stops them and said if they are going to throw it and to who. They said Missy will win and Jon will go to Exile Island.

So, Jeff ends the challenge and Missy wins and Jon volunteers to go to Exile Island. Then Missy picks Baylor and Natalie to join her for horseback riding and food. Then the drama starts! Jeff said Jaclyn got the butt-end of things and she is stuck with people that don’t like her. Reed said he likes her and Baylor says he likes everyone. Why the need to speak up Baylor??? So, he calls her a brat and Missy is not happy. Can I slap the mom and daughter??? Jaclyn knows she is on the outside of those three ladies and the thinking has begun and hopefully Keith, Alec and Reed can open her eyes while the “ladies” are gone.

Jon is not stupid, as he arrives at Exile Island and knows the idols are back in play! Will he find it again??? Well, that didn’t take long and he found it, so he has some safety again on Survivor 2014!

We see the ladies get their reward and chatting, but they are worried about Jaclyn being at camp and the guys working her mind. They tell Missy that Natalie found that idol. Meanwhile, the others get to camp and Reed regrets blowing up. Jaclyn is not happy Missy picked Natalie and now the guys are kissing up, but it is part of the game! They suggest them getting steam-rolled by Missy and the girls, so they need to align with the guys. Here we go again with Jon & Jaclyn making the big decision!

The next day arrives and the girls are back to camp and Missy is nurturing Jaclyn to make sure she is still with her and Jon. However, Alec is working Jaclyn and he is being super nice, but Natalie is watching and not liking what she is seeing. The girls are all worried about Jaclyn and she is flirting with Alec, but I love their paranoia!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they will balance and oversized paddle on a stand and then will roll balls down the handle and land them in holes. First one to get all six balls in place will win immunity!

We see Jon get a ball right away and then Reed has one, but it is in the center and he knocks it out. All six balls must stay on the paddle and in the holes. This is going to be tough! Jon and Keith both have four balls, but then Keith gets the fifth one! He misses one time, but gets it the next time and Keith wins immunity! He may be the old man, but he works it out on these challenges!

Back at camp on Survivor San Juan del Sur 2014 and Reed said that Keith is the ball master…love it! Jon said he just wanted to spend time with Jaclyn, but she tries to talk to him about what happened and Jon goes off on her. He is an ass and she is pissed. Tension in the air, but then Reed comes up and suggests working with them. Jon doesn’t seem interested, but he may have come around and Natalie comes up to interrupt them. Jon winks at Reed, so he takes that as a good thing. Now we see Jon and Jaclyn not talking and Jon tells Missy he found the idol. Jaclyn said this is no surprise because he goes to his Mom for all advice, so Missy is his motherly figure on the island. Big drama with their fight, so it’ll mean nothing at Tribal Council.

TRIBAL COUNCIL: Jon and Jaclyn talk about their fight, but it seems like they have worked it out. We talk about Alec flirting with Jaclyn, but it is a game and he was trying to work it. It all comes down to Jon and Jaclyn and which alliance they side with. The votes are cast and no Hidden Immunity Idols are played, so here are the votes!

VOTES: Reed, Missy, Reed, Reed, Reed and Reed. That means Reed is voted off tonight and I saw it coming!

Back at camp and we see Jon kissing butt and apologizing to Jaclyn. Alec knows he has no one to chat with now and seeing the loved ones together sucks.

The next day arrives and Alec is talking to Jon and he said he trusts Baylor, Missy and Natalie and he doesn’t see Alec splitting them up and he thinks he controls the game. Yup, he is gone this hour!

REWARD CHALLENGE: They will be standing on a block of wood and then stabilize a ball on a piece of wood hanging above them. They can only use one foot on the block. The winner gets a king size bed delivered to them at camp and they get an Italian meal in bed! They start and Alec is out right away! Missy is out next and Keith is so focused, but then he screws up his ball and he is out! Baylor is out next.

Jon almost loses it, but he recovers and holds on. He had his ball in the weirdest position all challenge, but he finally loses it and he is out. This leaves us with Natalie and Jaclyn. We then see Jaclyn lose her ball and she is out and Natalie wins reward! She sends Alec to Exile Island. Of course, Natalie gets to share the bed with someone and, of course, she picks Jaclyn! She gets to pick one more and picks Jon! Missy is pissed, but it is the same thing you did last time.

Back at camp and the bed has arrived! We see Baylor, Missy and Keith go and get water together, which has the other three paranoid. Jon trusts Missy, but no one should trust her! Natalie picked Jon, but she really wants to blindside him and get him back for doing Jeremy wrong. I am on board with this plan! We then see Jon trust Natalie and tells her that he found the idol at Exile, so now she is trying to figure out how to get rid of him!

The next day arrives on Survivor 2014 and Natalie is over Jon and she wants him gone. He is too comfortable and she wants to vote him out. She tells Baylor and she agrees and they know not to tell Missy. If they stick to this, then it would be a sure thing and Keith and Alec would vote for him. If only Keith can keep his mouth shut. Keith complains that all Jon & Jaclyn do is sleep. They finally wake up and get a weird vibe, so they think Jon might be on the chopping block!

IMMUNITY CHALLENGE: For this challenge on Survivor Season 29, they will be holding a wobbly table with a rope and walk back and forth to get puzzle pieces. They must place all ten puzzle pieces without falling over to win immunity. Knock any over and they must go back to re-stack them. First one done and they win immunity.

We see Alec sucking it up at another challenge. Keith is off to a quick lead, but then knocks them over and that allows Jaclyn and Jon to get ahead of him. Jaclyn and Keith drop their pieces, so Jon is out to the lead. Keith comes storming back, but drops them because he is moving too fast. That leaves it open for Jon and he does it, so he wins immunity and no blindside tonight! With that, we should be saying goodbye to Keith.

Back at camp, the plan is to get rid of Keith since he is a threat at challenges. In case one of them has an idol, they decide to split the votes between Keith and Alec. Natalie is pissed that all her plans are down the tubes and can’t go after Jon now. Here comes Natalie, as she works on Keith and he is going to vote out Alec. She wants to keep Keith to win challenges and then blindside Jon, which is the smartest move. Will she do it though???

TRIBAL COUNCIL: They say it all comes down to who is more of a threat in the challenges. Jon talks about his Dad and wine and will the sob story change Natalie’s mind? Natalie said the alliance of five is safe tonight, but I think she is going to change it! Time for the vote and no one plays the idol, so here are the votes!

VOTES: Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec, Keith, Alec and Alec! Yup, Natalie flipped and this could be good or bad. Baylor might be pissed that Alec was sent home, but they all look shocked!

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