It looks like we are in for some big drama on Under the Gunn 2014 tonight, as Project Runway: Under the Gunn 2014 mentor Anya Ayoung-Chee confronts one of her designers wanting to know if the portfolio he submitted was even work that he created! Yup, one of the designers she is mentoring on Under the Gunn Season 1 has been struggling, but she wants to know if he lied about his portfolio! That is crazy, but I guess this takes the focus off mentor Nick Verreos for one week, huh? Check out a Week 7 sneak peek below in our Project Runway Under the Gunn 2014 spoilers video!

Project Runway Under the Gunn 2014 Spoilers - Week 7 Preview

Last week on Under the Gunn Season 1, the designers face their first team challenge of the season and Team Nick was a hot mess. They have been struggling all season long and NIck has been trying to hold their hand the whole way. He finally let go of the reins and let them crash on their own, if they chose to. Well, Oscar picked up the leadership role and they ended up putting out the winning look for the week! Team Anya found themselves on the bottom and it was between Shan and Nicholas, but the judges wanted to see more from both of them and no one was eliminated!

Tonight the designers will take on an avant-garde challenge using steampunk as an inspiration. Anya is not happy with her team’s performance from last week and she is on the prowl. Now her designers will pay for it this week on Under the Gunn 2014!

Check out the sneak peek of Under the Gunn Season 1 here:

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