Another night and another challenge on Project Runway Season 11, but this time the designers will have to work with one tough client who happens to also be the host of Project Runway 2013: Heidi Klum. She is launching a new perfume and needs clothes for that launch and the designers will be responsible for creating those garments. The teams concept is still in place, so should we get even more drama tonight on Project Runway Season 11? Find out who was eliminated on Project Runway 2013 during my Project Runway Season 11 Recap tonight!


The designers will be put to the test when designing and working with Heidi Klum, but I think they will all pass just fine and dandy. She may be picky, but it is just for the show. She probably won’t ever wear what any of the designers make tonight.

Come back for my recap tonight and don’t miss a thing! Here we go folks, but are you ready?

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