For the first time in Project Runway history, the show will run a reunion special tonight for Project Runway Season 11 and we get to see a behind-the-scenes look at what all went down between these designers, even stuff we may not have seen on the show! Reunion specials usually bore me, but that is more towards the yelling and arguing that happens with any of the Housewives series. Project Runway 2013 was a fun season and did have some drama along the way, so watch the Project Runway Season 11 Reunion Special with us tonight!

Project Runway Season 11 Winner

Last week on Project Runway Season 11, we saw all the drama and intensity that led up to the final runway show at Lincoln Center. Michelle, Patricia and Stanley all got to show off their final collections to the judges and to a packed Lincoln Center audience. While Patricia and Stanley struggled to get everything done in the days leading up to the final runway show, Michelle seemed calm and collected, which is a rare site on Project Runway Season 11.

Maybe it was that calm and cool vibe she had going on or maybe it was her great collection, but Michelle was announced the winner of Project Runway Season 11. You can read my interview with her over at Gossip & Gab until the reunion show starts and our Live Recap of it soon! Who are you excited to see return and what drama will you hope to be answered tonight on Project Runway Season 11?

Here we go…Daniel is back and without his mustache! We now talk about the team aspect of things this season and now the Teams From Hell, which included Benjamin and Cindy and no one wanted to be with Patricia, yet she made the finale! Kate was not fans of Michelle and Amanda.

Apparently Layana was like Medusa and she always got what she wanted on the show and would bat her eyes when she wanted something. Daniel was too nice on the show, which got him in trouble. The designers talk about the team aspect and it didn’t really benefit anyone, but some of them did skate through with bad designs on winning teams.

Now we talk about backstabbing and Kate said that Amanda was not a mean girl, but Layana and Michelle were bitches!!! She covers it up by saying everyone is catty. Amanda said she learned that she needs to be more of a bitch and she should have stuck up for herself more when her team threw her under the bus.

Thunder From Down Under and how Layana looked to be flirting, but she claims it was not flirting. Samantha said as a designer, Project Runway Season 11 was the hardest thing she has done in her life.

Breaking Points: the fight between Daniel and Michelle. The all-girl team versus Richard. Layana’s breakdown. It seems Michelle is still upset with Daniel lying, but he moved past it. They all say there is no fakeness from Michelle and then Daniel has a breakdown and talks about his addiction and being bullied and he has helped people by talking about it on the show and he won in that aspect.

Now a look at Michelle’s journey on Project Runway Season 11. She talks about collaborating with maybe Joe and Stanley in the future. Patricia was runner-up, yet never won a challenge. Daniel cries again…shocker! He was proud of his whole collection and he has had doors open because of being on the show.

Judging The Judges: Samantha said that Zac Posen understood her. Stanley felt Nina Garcia got him and Michelle felt none of the judges liked her. The designers felt Patricia could do no wrong in Heidi Klum’s eyes. Bette Midler was their favorite guest judge.

Tim Gunn: Michelle said that Tim is better than Santa. They all loved him.

For looking back, Stanley said he would have done more for his collection before coming back to NYC. That’s a wrap folks!

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