The designers on Project Runway 2014 will be hitting the streets of New York City tonight to find their muses, as they take on the Real Women Challenge and finding women to get makeovers on Project Runway Season 13. From the previews, it looks like the designers were struggling to find some women willing to get a makeover. Why??? Watch with us during our Project Runway 2014 Recap tonight and see who went home on Project Runway 2014 tonight with us!

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Last week on Project Runway Season 13, the designers had a different kind of challenge, as they were creating looks for little girls inspired by American Girl dolls! This was not a normal challenge and some of the designers struggled to come up with looks that worked with the 12 year old girls. Despite Sandhya creating a look that she loved and thought the judges were crazy for not agreeing with her, the judges sent Sandhya home and I could not have been happier! I liked her when the season started, but she got cocky and standoffish the past couple weeks and that turned me off to her.

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Who stays and who goes home tonight on Project Runway Season 13? Find out below in our recap starting soon!


Don’t want to know what happened tonight on Project Runway 2014 Recap or find out who got eliminated on Project Runway Season 13 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…the designers are in the apartments and they want their models back, even though they loved the kids last week. Alexander said he has to ring it in and finally get a win this season, which means he’ll be going home tonight? They all know they are so close to showing at Fashion Week, so the nerves are working big time!

CHALLENGE: The designers head to the workroom and find Tim Gunn. This is the Makeover Challenge and they will be hitting the streets to find their muse for a makeover tonight on Project Runway 2014. They said don’t find a runway model, as they want a great before and after story. They will have 30 minutes to find their muse and then 30 minutes to sketch and will have two days for this challenge! The winning designer and muse will be featured in Marie Claire magazine.

They hit the streets and it is no after no after no. Why no makeovers people??? Emily finds her muse and they share a similar favorite designer, but her muse looks pretty to start! Amanda and Char are vibing well with their muses. Kini doesn’t share the same style with his muse, so he is worried. They all find a model and let the fun begin on Project Runway 2014!

They head to Mood now and have a $200 budget for the week. Alexander finds some hideous fabric, but he thinks it is amazing and loves it and thinks his muse will too with the bright colors. Kini is having designer’s block right now. Back in the workroom and everyone is getting started, but know they have two days for this and the pressure isn’t extremely terrible. Normally Kini would be done within an hour, but he has no ideas on this one and is stumped and defeated.

Emily is adding some fin look to her design and I am liking it and it looks good with the fabric. More lack of inspiration from Kini, as he makes a white dress and he hates it. He then thinks of his Mom and being his inspiration, so he comes up with a denim dress and is loving it. The designers and their muses meet with the Mary Kay crew to discuss makeup and looks for the runway and Day 1 comes to an end!

The next day arrives and Korina is thinking that her look is the best and proceeds to rip on everyone;s design. Now Time comes in for his critique: he tells the jacket looks superb for Korina, but tells her not to overthink it. He questions the length of the shorts for Char and keeping it tasteful. He tells Amanda her fabric is askew. He doesn’t see Sean in his look. He thinks Emily’s dress is beautiful and she should feel proud of this. He thinks Alexander is one of the best designers, but he thinks this is the most hideous look he has ever seen and he has got to change this (I agree)!

Tim heads out and Alexander is not sure of what to do and is freaking out. He does not agree with his opinion at first, but knows he is being honest and he starts working on a new look. The models come in for their fitting and Korina’s muse loves it. The other models seem happy with their looks, but Amanda’s muse is worried about the fit on her. Alexander is adding more volume to his skirt to help with the flow. Amanda is not happy with her look and feels it is boring and that she has overworked it as Day 2 comes to an end!

It is runway day on Project Runway 2014 and Korina said she is taking orders for the blue leather jacket and Kini said no thanks and she said she didn’t ask. Um, I think you just did! The models come in from their makeovers and everyone is excited. Alexander’s model is loving the look, but it is very boring. Amanda is worried and thinks this could be what sends her home. The time is running out and Char’s model rips off the zipper. She goes to get Tim and since it is not a regular model, he doesn’t want her to be embarrassed. He asks the other designers if she can have ten minutes to put in a new zipper and they agree, but only because it would have been awkward if they said no. They are all pissed and feel this is the second Tim Gunn Save for Char!

The designers head to the runway and the judges are wondering why they are late, but Tim said he’ll share with them later. The judges tonight are Heidi Klum, Zac Posen, Nina Garcia and guest judges tonight are Michelle Monaghan and Asha Leo. Here we go:

  • Emily – I am liking it and the fabric and the movement, but it could be considered too costumey.
  • Amanda – I am liking it, but it does look short and a little on the boring side of things.
  • Alexander – this is just too plain for me and there is nothing to it.
  • Char – the shorts are short, but she wanted that length. Not sure about the shirt and only being one color, but she is in it.
  • Kini – good construction, of course, but not sure about the full denim look.
  • Sean – nice dress, but it is just black with some fringe at the moment.
  • Korina – the skirt looks like the dress from last week and the jacket has been done before by her. Seems boring to me.

Sean is safe tonight, which means the other designers have the high and low scores tonight. Time for the critiques from the Project Runway judges 2014:

  • Amanda – Nina said the look she was going for was right on, but the execution is not good. Zac said it is not working for him today and feels like an outlet mall. Heidi said she is not a fan and it looks dated. Asha said it feels like more clothes and less fashion. Michelle said she likes the vest a lot.
  • Korina – Nina said she really likes it and the jacket makes it cool. Michelle likes the versatility. Asha wants to have babies with the jacket. Heidi said she had mixed feelings. Loved he jacket, but not sure about it with the dress and boots.
  • Char – Heidi said the only things she likes about the look is the color and it is not sophisticated or classy. Zac said the outfit is unfortunate, but she was working that runway. Nina said you have to keep in mind what she does and she is a pre-school teacher. Zac said you can be provocative and appropriate.
  • Emily – Heidi said she just needs a fruit basket on her head. Nina said it borders on costume, but she likes it. Michelle likes the color and movement. Zac said he likes when costume and fashion mix. Asha said she seems happy and that is what it is all about.
  • Alexander – Asha said where he cut the top is unflattering. Nina said he was going in the right direction and it doesn’t really go. Michelle said he could have done something more interesting with it.
  • Kini – Zac said his pieces look perfectly polished and smart to bring back the denim at this point in the competition. Heidi said she loved it and it was her favorite one and she looks real and a modern, young woman. Nina said the jacket is phenomenal, but this is for a date night. Michelle said she has great legs and would raise the hemline.

The judges take a closer look at all of the looks and discuss them and here are the results on Project Runway 2014 tonight:

  • Winner – Korina
  • Safe Designers – Kini, Emily, Amanda and Char
  • Eliminated Designer – Alexander (I called it earlier)!

What do you think of the results on Project Runway Season 13 tonight?

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