Hunted starts tonight on CBS with the 2017 season premiere following the AFC Championship game between the Steelers and the Patriots. Get ready to settle in for a long night of watching TV! Of course we’ll have the easy job with that one.

CBS has Hunted scheduled for a 10PM ET/PT timeslot but if the game runs long then that’ll shift for the east coast and central viewers. Otherwise you should set your DVRs to make sure you catch the first of three hours of Hunted this week.

In the first hour of the series tonight we’ll get the eighteen evaders, running in pairs, take off on their 28-day adventure. Or at least they’re all hoping it lasts 28 days since that’s where the pot of gold sits for any of them that can do it. Get captured before that and you’re out.

As for just how they’re going to be running the game, we’ve detailed out the rules of Hunted from CBS’s info. Just keep in mind they’ll have an hour head start, they have a little money to get going, and they must stay within 100,000 square mile area in the southeast.

We’ll be back here at 10PM ET to watch the Hunted premiere play out then be sure to come back for Wednesday night’s 8PM ET/PT 2-hour show. The series will then settle in to its regular Wednesday night schedule at 8/7c but with just one hour episodes instead. You can watch Hunted on All Access as well.

Check out the Hunted teams for both the Evaders and the Hunters to see who might be your early pick. Remember there may not be any winners at all if the Hunters can do their job first.

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