The American Idol 2013 auditions continued last night in Baton Rouge and one of the memorable auditions came from Charlie Askew, who doesn’t have the look of an American Idol, but maybe the voice of one? You can see the Charlie Askew audition for American Idol Season 12 below and give your own opinion.

Sometimes people come on American Idol and have a decent voice and a story, which may or may not help them in the eyes of the judges. Charlie Askew had one of those stories which makes you want to root for him to succeed. He is an awkward and weird kind of guy who happens to have trouble talking to people (not another stutterer), but he finds his outlet to be through music.

Don’t get me wrong, I think Charlie Askew did a great job and he surprised me with how he could sing very well. My problem with him is I don’t think he can be the next American Idol 2013. He seems to have a great voice for a musical or to be on Broadway, but I don’t know if I can see him selling a lot of records. Do you?

Apparently the judges do because Charlie Askew is rumored to be in the Top 40 on American Idol 2013. That is a big deal, but maybe he will get more comfortable in Hollywood Week? As of the audition below, I can’t see him going that far, but Keith Urban thinks he will be a star and look back at this audition and not believe that he looked like that. Check out the audition here:

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