America’s Got Talent army vet Tim Poe shocks crowd with singing, watch below. America’s Got Talent judges and audience were blown away by Tim Poe last night. Poe served in the Army until he was injured in 2009 in Afghanistan, leaving him with a brain injury — and a stutter.

Poe explained that he got hit by a grenade, trying to save his fellow soldiers, and that singing has helped him with his stammer and getting through the tough times. Although he stuttered a lot while telling his story, Poe’s singing of Garth Brooks’ “If Tomorrow Never Comes” was fluid and beautiful. He received a standing ovation from the judges and entire audience.Howie Mandel said, “Everything about you is amazing,” and called him a “phenomenal talent.” Howard Stern first thanked him for his service, and noted he was “moved by [Poe’s] performance.” And Sharon Obsourne remarked, “You have a really rich beautiful tone to your voice.”

Tim Poe, Austin Auditions ~ America’s Got Talent…by HumanSlinky