It was the final Rose Ceremony on The Bachelorette Season 11, as Kaitlyn Bristowe had to decide which two guys would move on to the Hometown Dates on The Bachelorette 2015 and which guy would not get a rose, so who went home on The Bachelorette 2015 last night? Find out the Week 9 results on The Bachelorette Season 11 last night below in our The Bachelorette 2015 spoilers!

The Bachelorette 2015 Spoilers - Week 9 Results - Kaitlyn Bristowe

Last night on The Bachelorette Season 11, things picked up where they left off with Nick and Shawn fighting in Nick’s hotel room. We didn’t really learn anything more, but ABC felt the need to show us again. We then moved on to the remaining Overnight Dates, as Ben and Shawn got their alone time with Kaitlyn. I truly fell in love with Ben on this episode, as he seemed like such a good guy and so nice and I liked his Overnight Date.

[SPOILERS: Click here to find out the Season 11 winner!]

From there, we had the final Rose Ceremony of the season. Kaitlyn said her week was amazing and all the Overnight Dates went very well and she was falling in love with all of them. She did not know what she was going to do, but she ended up giving the roses to Nick and Shawn (who didn’t see that one coming)? That meant Ben Higgins was eliminated and Bachelor Nation cried, but then they were overjoyed because that meant Ben was available for all the single ladies out there!

What did you think of the results on The Bachelorette Season 11 last night?

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