Tonight is a huge night for the Top 4 on The X Factor USA 2012, as the four remaining acts find out their fate. Will they make The X Factor Season 2 Finale or will they go home one week shy of fighting for that $5 million prize? Carly Rose Sonenclar, Tate Stevens, Fifth Harmony and Emblem 3 all took on two songs last night on The X Factor 2012 and then left it in the hands of America to vote. How did they vote? Come back tonight for my The X Factor USA 2012 Live Recap and find out who was eliminated on The X Factor Season 2!

Last night the singers all took on two songs a piece. For the first time on The X Factor USA Season 2, the singers got to choose a song for themselves. Tate chose a song he would record on his album. Both Carly and Emblem 3 chose a song to honor their parents and Fifth Harmony chose a song that would show them off as a more fun girl group and not so serious. The the mentors (Britney Spears, Simon Cowell and L.A. Reid) picked a song for their act. It was an interesting night and despite the performances, I think we have some pretty solid standings every week to know who should be leaving tonight.

The standings never matter though, because a couple weeks ago Vino Alan has been in third place every week and then all of a sudden was in the bottom two and then the judges sent him home. Tonight we find out the results and America is the only one who has a say tonight. The act with the least number of votes goes home tonight on The X Factor 2012. No judges’ votes tonight, so we get to see how America wants the finale to be. Come back to find out those results during my X Factor USA 2012 results show live recap!

We start the show out with a performance by the Top 4, as they take on “Coming Home” by Diddy. Of course, Emblem 3 tries to take the song over and I am over them! Fifth Harmony actually sounded good on the song. Anyone agree?

Now to waste some more time we are going to take a look back at the performances from last night. Let’s talk about Khloe Kardashian and how she is just awkward on The X Factor and has strange facial expressions. Does she annoy anyone else?

Simon Cowell talks too much and then Britney Spears gives her normal short response to Khloe’s question and commercial break. When we come back we will find out the first singer safe tonight. Who will it be???

We get to see what winning The X Factor Season 2 would mean for the Top 4 and then the acts and their mentors take the stage to find out who is the first safe act. The act safe is Fifth Harmony! What a shocker!!! Do you believe it???

I guess she has a song in the Top 40 right now, but who the hell is Bridgit Mendler? She sings “Ready Or Not” and I do enjoy the song, but I did not know who sang it and I guess do now! We haven’t even finished this season and Mario Lopez is already talking about auditions for next season! Settle down people!

The remaining three acts take the stage and the next act safe tonight is Tate Stevens!!!! I am so excited for him and want him to win. Britney looks so shocked, but don’t fret…your girl will be safe next. We are left with Emblem 3 and Carly Rose Sonenclar. Which one is safe?

Before we get the final results on The X Factor USA Season 2 we get to see Bruno Mars take the stage and sing his #1 song “Locked Out of Heaven.” It is fun and upbeat but my heart is racing too much for these results…bring them on!

The big announcement now and who will be safe? Carly Rose or Emblem 3? Comment with your choice!

Carly and Emblem 3 take the stage and we get to see who the final spot goes to on The X Factor 2012! The last act safe tonight is Carly Rose Sonenclar! My dreams came true and Emblem 3 went home! Can you believe it?

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