All the women on The Bachelor Season 18 want it, but then it never seems to work out anyways, but the first one-on-one date for The Bachelor Juan Pablo will come this week and we have some The Bachelor 2014 spoilers with a sneak peek at photos from the first one-on-one date for Juan Pablo! This is his first one-on-one date ever, since he was the king of group dates on The Bachelorette 2013 and never got a date of his own with The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock. So, check out some photos from the date and see what goes down in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers below!


So, who does the first date on The Bachelor 2014 go to? Well, it looks like Clare Crawley made a great impression coming out of that limo with the fake pregnant belly, as she gets that first date with Juan Pablo. Mind you, do any of the girls that get the first date ever win the show? As you remember, Sarah Herron got the first date with The Bachelor Sean Lowe and we all know that did not end well for her!

For the first one-on-one date for The Bachelor Juan Pablo, it looks like they are going to spend some time in a winter wonderland. Mind you, it has been the Polar Vortex across the United States this week, but let’s watch ABC put some fake snow down for these two! Clare comes out in in her stilettos, which isn’t a good mix with that snow! They do some ice skating and some hot tub time and end the night getting serenaded by Josh Krajcik from The X Factor (why him?).

The first kiss for Juan Pablo comes on this first date, so check out photos from the date right here in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers:

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