We have only briefly met the women on The Bachelor 2014, but it was enough for everyone to get some first impressions on what these women will be like for The Bachelor Juan Pablo. Former Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky does a weekly blog for E! News during The Bachelor and The Bachelorette and she seems to be making some predictions regarding The Bachelor Season 18! Check out her picks for the Final 3 on The Bachelor 2014 below in our The Bachelor 2014 spoilers!


We all know that The Bachelor 2014 spoilers come out every season and we usually know the winner before the season even starts! However, it is always fun to see how these certain women make it work for them on the show. We always get our first impressions and people and it may be too early to make our favorite selections, but Ali Fedotowsky thinks she may know the Final 3 and gives an explanation on why she picked each one:

  • Andi: “Juan Pablo had a HUGE reaction to her looks coming out of the limo and they seem to really hit it off when they talked inside. She’s hot AND a lawyer. She’s a good catch and I think he knows it.”


  • Nikki: Juan Pablo bit his hand because he thought she was so attractive coming out of the limo. Physical attraction is important too. But she was also the first person he chose to talk to inside. This is a very telling sign that she will go far.


  • Sharleen: I know this is an odd choice for my number three but getting the 1st impression rose says a lot about his initial feelings for her. It the majority of past seasons, the person who gets the 1st impression rose makes it into the top three. Unfortunately I have a feeling she will eliminate herself at some point. I just don’t think she’s made for this.


Do you think Ali is right with her picks for the Final 3 on The Bachelor Season 18?

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