Get ready for another fun night of listening to Hayley whine on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight, as Blair will tick her off in some sort of way and we have to feel the wrath of it on The Amazing Race Season 26. I am done with her and I hope we all are done with her tonight on Amazing Race 2015! Check it out with us during our The Amazing Race 2015 recap and see who went home on The Amazing Race 2015 tonight!

The Amazing Race 2015 Spoiler - Week 9 Recap

Last week on The Amazing Race Season 26, the teams headed to Amsterdam and they had some pretty fun challenges this week, which featured riding down a river in a hot tub and shooting some shuffleboard with the local guys! Of course, Hayley continued her need to talk and I want to give Blair the $1 million for just dealing with her for this long! I don’t think it works that way though. During the leg, Matt struggled big time trying to match a wooden shoe and it put them behind the entire leg, but it was a non-elimination leg and they’ll keep trucking with a Speed Bump to take on tonight.

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Here we go…Laura & Tyler kick things off and the teams are headed to Peru tonight. It said charge your FitBit, as they might need it tonight. They did not read the clue fully, so Hayley & Blair and Jenny & Jelani ask for an earlier flight and they will arrive about 12 hours before the other three teams!

Jenny & Jelani and Hayley & Blair get to Peru and enjoy some fireworks, but then will wait until the next morning to start the next clue. They get started, but it seems like neither of their taxi drivers know where they are going. Jelani & Jenny head back and find the clue and more traveling for them to the next clue and Hayley is still yelling at Blair, but they find the next clue.

The other teams have arrived in Peru and head out for the clue. Jenny & Jelani get to the next clue and it is Road Block, which has them chopping down a row of sugar cane. Meanwhile, Laura & Tyler find the Speed Bump, but miss the actual clue! Matt & Ashley follow along with them, as someone tells them it is far away. Mike & Rochelle find the clue though.

In the taxi, Laura said she saw the Speed Bump clue and Tyler said that is where the clue is at, so they get out of the taxi and head back and find the clue! Jenny and Hayley are chopping sugar cane. Matt & Ashley head back and find the clue and do their Speed Bump, which has them using an old school typewriter to type up a Llama Loan! Matt is really struggling, but it is a freaking typewriter!

Jenny and Hayley finish and get their bundle of sugar cane and the next clue, so they head out to deliver the bundle. They are told to write down the numbers from the FitBit before getting to into the taxi. Matt & Ashley finish their Speed Bump and head out to the next clue.

Now we see Mike and Tyler working on the sugar cane on The Amazing Race 2015. Jenny & Jelani get to the next clue and they will use their FitBit numbers to calculate how many steps they would need to burn off a glass of sugar cane juice. Tyler and Mike finish the sugar cane and write down their FitBit numbers and head out as Matt & Ashley arrive there and Matt starts chopping down the sugar cane.

Jenny & Jelani calculate the steps (with the help of a calculator, which I think is lame) and drink their juice and get the next clue, which is a Detour: Mamas, which has the teams going around the streets to find ingredients for mama to make her moonshine, or Papas, which has them searching through four different kinds of potatoes and delivering them to the market and separating them out by type.

Jenny & Jelani are doing Papas and Hayley & Blair are going to do Mamas. Matt went quickly through the sugar and they head out to the next clue. Blair speaks Spanish, so it is helping them make their way through the shops and get the ingredients they need and they are moving quickly.

Jenny & Jelani bring their potatoes to the market and get them in their bins, but they are not correct and the lady opens the bin up and the potatoes all fall to the ground, so they have to go through them all over again! Hayley & Blair get the ingredients right and get their moonshine and now head to the Pit Stop!

Laura & Tyler and MIke & Rochelle get their steps done and will do Mamas. Jenny & Jelani get it right the second time and head to the Pit Stop. Laura & Tyler’s driver took them to Papas, so now they are doing potatoes. Mike & Rochelle start their shopping and they are moving along nicely, so the Mamas is clearly an easier choice. Matt & Ashley finish their steps and drink and head out to do Mamas!

Matt & Ashley get to the market and they see Tyler & Laura, who said they took them to Papas, but they are wrong. Matt & Ashley freak out and need to just calm down and think, but now they are back in the taxi and get taken to Papas and now have to sort out potatoes. Mike & Rochelle finish their drink and head to the Pit Stop.

Laura & Tyler try their potatoes, but they are wrong and they are all dumped out. I guess that is karma for telling Matt & Ashley they were in the wrong place! They get them back in the right bins and correctly, so they head out to the Pit Stop now. Matt & Ashley try the potatoes, but they are wrong. They get it right the next try and head to the Pit Stop, but it is too late. If they calmed down a little and searched for that list they may have been able to beat Laura & Tyler!

PIT STOP – They kicked butt tonight (even with Hayley being annoying early on), but Hayley & Blair are Team #1 and win a FitBit Kit! Jenny & Jelani are Team #2. Mike & Rochelle are Team #3. Laura & Tyler are Team #4. Matt & Ashley are the final team to check-in with Phil Keoghan and they have been eliminated tonight!

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