The big news coming out of the episode tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013 is that someone seems to get injured and may need a medical evacuation on Survivor 2013 Caramoan? It is not a definite, but it looks like someone is bad enough that the medics are coming to check this person out and recommend them leaving Survivor Season 26! No one mentions who, but I bet a lot of people are hoping it is Shamar, the castaway everyone is hating right now. Find out who it is tonight during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was eliminated on Survivor 26!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 4

Last week on Survivor Caramoan 2013, the main focus seemed to be on the fact that Shamar is crazy and no one on his tribe really like him, including the alliance that he is in! The problem: he did become part of an alliance on the Fans tribe that is sticking to their word. They may not like him, but they don’t have the numbers to get rid of him yet and instead they went after Hope at Tribal Council and she was sent hom!

Not sure if it was a good strategy or not, but it looks like Shamar is causing even more havoc at camp for the Fans tribe when he refuses to get his own rice and Sherri has to wait on him! Why would she do that? She seems to be calling the shots in their alliance, but then she waits on him hand and foot? Who knows, but we will find out more about that and about the castaway that may need some medical attention on Survivor 2013 Caramoan!

Here we go…the Fans come back from Tribal Council and they are not happy. Eddie and Reynold go off on them and think they are screwed as a tribe and want nothing to do with them all! Phillip is giving everyone a nickname and I am over this corporation and Andrea is upset everyone is getting a name and she thought it was just for their alliance, which does not feature most of them.

Reward Challenge: the tribes will select two members to stand on two separate planks. They will then use wood steps to transfer the two members to a third plank. Once they do that, they will then all swim to the final small plank and they will all have to stand on it as a tribe to win the reward, which is to have a local come and give them tips to survive off the land and he will bring them a gift basket of a chicken, fruits and more.

The favorites sit out Cochran, since they have an extra player. The teams get started and it is close until the Favorites take a little lead at the second plank and swim out to the final plank. The Fans catch up and it is down to one person on each tribe, but the Favorites get all on and win! Laura sucks it up for the Fans, so will she be in danger if they lose tonight on Survivor 26?

The Favorites get the visit from their local to get their tips. He was about four feet tall and 60 years old. He cooks them a meal and gives them tips and fixes their camp and gets kisses from the ladies! Good for him!

The Fans get back to their camp and Shamar goes back to laying in the shelter, which Reynold and Eddie don’t understand. Shamar said they don’t understand being his size and they will bring him rice once a day…what? I am over this guy, as is his tribe.

Now it is hurricane time, as the night comes around and it is a bad thunderstorm and wind blowing big time. Rats in the shelter for the Fans tribe!

The next morning Shamar’s eye is swollen and he couldn’t sleep. Now the medics come in and check out his eye. All this for an eye? The medic said it could affect his vision and there is nothing they can do out on the island and she would like to pull him from the game to have a specialist look at it. This is his excuse to leave the game, as he is worried about his vision and he decides to leave Survivor Caramoan 2013.

Immunity Challenge: they will swim out to a platform, smash a tile, retrieve a key and swim back. They will retrieve five keys and then the two remaining tribe members will use the keys to open a chest and use the sandbags inside to knock over blocks on a slab. Once they are all gone, then a flag will be raised for the win.

Sitting out for the Favorites this time are Corrine and Dawn. The Favorites get an early lead and then Sherri jumps and doesn’t break the tile, so has to climb up and try again. The Favorites get all five keys back and the Fans need to go out and get one more key. Phillip starts throwing for the Fans while the Favorites get their last key back. Laura is struggling with the lock, big surprise. Reynold makes up a lot of ground for the Fans, but Phillip is going strong. Reynold gets it down to five blocks, but Phillip knocks off his last block and the Favorites win Immunity for the third week in a row and the Fans will lose two members tonight because Shamar had to leave Survivor Season 26!

The Fans comes back and Eddie and Reynold know they are on the chopping block, but Matt wants to keep the muscle for the tribe and he wants Laura voted off. Matt tells Reynold his plan, but he is not sure he is telling the truth. Matt then tells Sherri the plan and she does not feel comfortable voting off Laura, even though she sucks at challenges! Get rid of Laura people!

Tribal Council: Matt said it sucks having Shamar gone for the challenges, Sherri said she misses Shamar for the alliance purposes. While they fight their battles, Reynold wants them to stay strong and Laura wants them to stick to their alliance and loyalties. The castaways vote and Reynold plays his Hidden Immunity Idol, so he is safe. The votes are: Laura, Laura, Reynold, Laura and Laura, so she is eliminated from Survivor Caramoan 2013!

Did you see that one coming tonight on Survivor 2013 Caramoan?

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