It is another new episode of Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight and after The Three Amigos screwed everything up last week on Survivor 2013 and were able to get Phillip Sheppard voted off the island, it is a brand new game starting tonight on Survivor Season 26! Find out which way The Three Amigos go tonight and see who wins what during the Survivor Auction tonight during our Survivor Caramoan 2013 Recap and see who was voted off Survivor 26 tonight with us!

Survivor Caramoan 2013 - Episode 11

Last week on Survivor 2013 Caramoanthe boys (Malcolm, Eddie and Reynold) made a big move after Reynold won the Immunity Challenge and Malcolm found the second Hidden Immunity Idol. They knew it was ballsy and they would be screwed this week, but if they didn’t use them both one of them would have been voted off, but instead we all screamed for joy when Phillip was voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 last week!

Now we have castaways scrambling to find out exactly where they fit into their alliances and it looks like The Three Amigos are going to try and do some more damage this week. Erik voted with them, but does anyone know that? It seems to be a brand new game for everyone, so watch how it all goes down in our recap tonight and see a fan favorite: the Survivor auction!

Here we go…the castaways are back from Tribal Council and we no longer have Stealth R Us on Survivor 2013, but now we have The Three Amigos. Now Erik can talk to people and he can choose which option is better for him: vote with the three guys or vote with the remaining Favorites!

The next day at camp and everyone is feeling hungry and spirits are low and Brenda breaks down crying and this time Dawn comforts her, which is a switch from last week! All this low food talk and we know the auction is coming up to buy that food!

Tree Mail has arrived they have received $500 and the auction is around the corner and they are all excited about it. Malcolm knows there could be a twist and he might not be buying food to get that twist.

Survivor Auction Time: no sharing of money or food. Three beers, nuts and pretzels and Malcolm gets it for $20. For $180, Reynold keeps the initial purchase even though he was offered two other options. He gets one slice of pizza and Sherri buys the rest of the pizza for $500. Dawn buys roasted chicken for $500. The next item is information in this game and Malcolm buys it for $480! He has 60 seconds to look at it and it is a clue to the Hidden Immunity Idol, of course! Andrea buys spaghetti and meatballs and wine for $280, but then she can take that or a bag of rice and beans for the tribe and she takes the rice and beans. Cochran buys an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge for $340. Brenda buys pig brain (it was a blind dish) for $300. Everyone with money gets a love letter from home for $20, so no letter for Malcolm, Dawn and Sherri. Eddie buys a big bowl of peanut butter for $200 and he gets to share it with the tribe for one minute! The auction ends and now Dawn is worried about Malcolm getting the clue!

The castaways get back to camp on Survivor Caramoan 2013 and they get to read the letters from their loved ones and the emotions come out big time. Cochran tried to be emotionless during this season, but it is coming out big time now.

Now Reynold tries to work it with Sherri and get her and Erik with the Three Amigos. Malcolm told Reynold and Eddie to deal with Erik and he has Sherri and if it works than they take out Cochran! Malcolm then heads out to find his Hidden Immunity Idol and then Andrea and Cochran interrupt him and now is he screwed? She refuses to leave and it is a standoff. They both give up and walk away.

Immunity Challenge Time: they will hold ropes and not let the dagger drop, but Cochran gets to move up two notches when he wants, so could be a huge advantage. They are holding 1/3 of the body weight they began the game with. They are all still alive and they move down to the second notch. Another notch down and Cochran uses his advantage. They move down again and no one out. Another knot down and no one out. They have gone through 25 minutes and they are down to the last knot. Brenda is done and steps off and is out. Erik is out next.

There is now no knot underneath them and it is just rope, except for Cochran. Sherri drops hers and she is out. Then Malcolm is out. Now we see Andrea drop it and she is out. Dawn is out next. It is down to Eddie, Reynold and Cochran. Reynold falls and he is out. Eddie lets it slip out of his hand and he is out, so Cochran used the advantage and he wins Immunity tonight on Survivor Caramoan 2013! So, will Malcolm find his idol and what happens tonight at Tribal Council???

The castaways come back and Malcolm is freaking out and can’t get away to find his Hidden Immunity Idol. He talks with Sherri and thinks the alliance will split their vote, so if he gets Sherri to vote Andrea than he is fine. Reynold talks to Erik, but he is playing both sides right now! Dawn tells him that she puts all her trust in him. Andrea wants to split the vote to be safe, but they are all gunning for Malcolm. Sherri is playing both sides and no one knows where Erik is going.

Tribal Council Time: Sherri said she feels she is on the bottom of the alliance, but Dawn said she is not. Malcolm talks about his clue and Andrea feels 80% sure he has the Hidden Immunity Idol. Cochran talks numbers and split votes and switching alliances on Survivor 2013. Time to vote and this was a boring Tribal Council compared to last week! Phillip is pissed sitting in the jury!

Votes have been tallied by Jeff Probst and no Hidden Immunity Idols to play and Andrea, Cochran and Dawn are relieved, so the votes are: Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Malcolm, Andrea, Reynold, Andrea and Malcolm. It is a three-way tie and a revote and the three of them won’t vote and it looks like Malcolm is headed home!

Revotes are: Malcolm, Malcolm, Malcolm and Malcolm and he is voted off Survivor Caramoan 2013 tonight! I am upset, but the super alliance stood strong, huh?

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