Richard Rushfield needs to have his head examined.  In an article titled Tween Girls Hijack Idol written for The Daily Beast Rushfield  blames the almost elimination of Big Mike Lynche on 11 year old white girls because HE THINKS they are text messaging votes for the cute white boys.  How they hell does he know?  Idol does not release the voting history so how can Rushfield be so sure who is voting for whom and why they are voting the way they are?  He doesn’t have a clue so his article is based on pure speculation and is just a propaganda piece trying to stir up the public.

He writes, “Not only do tween girls seem to prefer their Idols be male, but they also seem to prefer them to be white.”  Hmmmm, did he forget about season 2 winner Rueben Studdard or Fantasia or Jordin Sparks?  Did he take into consideration that Big Mike gave one of the worst performances Tuesday night and probably deserved to be in the bottom 3?  I think not. 

The judges decided to come to Big Mike’s rescue last night by using their one and only save so he will be back singing for our votes next week.  Perhaps if he can get it together he won’t be eliminated.  Let’s face facts people, he is not the best singer in the competition so it is highly doubtful he will win. 

Maybe if Rushfield keeps up this line of thinking we can figure out a way to blame the tweens for the recession, the war against terrorism and homelessness.  Some advice for you Rich, get your facts together before you attempt to brainwash the general public with your petty views of racism.

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