A fun night is ahead of us, as the MasterChef Junior 2015 premiere kicks off on FOX and it is time for 19 new kids to enter the kitchen and try to impress the MasterChef Junior judges 2015 (Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Graham Elliot). While we will be overwhelmed with shock on how good these junior home cooks can cook, we will also be overwhelmed with cuteness and how adorable they all are on MasterChef Junior Season 3! Check it out with us tonight during our MasterChef Junior 2015 Recap and see who got eliminated on MasterChef Junior 2015 tonight!

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For tonight’s premiere, the home cooks will be taking on a Mystery Box Challenge and they’ll use those ingredients to create a restaurant-quality dish. From there, the winner gets to pick out which of the MasterChef Junior judges 2015 favorite pasta dish the remaining home cooks will be preparing for the Elimination Test! I am so ready for the new season and the cuteness to return to the kitchen and to see Chef Ramsay not swear all the time!

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Watch the Mystery Box and Elimination Test tonight on MasterChef Junior 2015 with us! Who made it through tonight on MasterChef Junior 2015 Season 3 and who was sent home? Find out in our recap that follows!


Don’t want to know what happened on our MaterChef Junior 2015 Recap or see who who went home on MasterChef Junior Season 3 tonight? Then don’t read ahead!


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Here we go…here come the kids! One girl wants to get into a really good college, like in Hawaii or Disneyland! They will all get white aprons, but have to go search for them in the MasterChef pantry! They are hidden pretty good, including in a chocolate egg!

MYSTERY BOX CHALLENGE: For this challenge, they are making a restaurant-quality dish in one hour. How cute, but we can’t even see Riley behind his box! Under the box, they have everything from salmon, soy sauce, ginger and many more. The kids are making their dishes and I don’t even know what some of them are saying. We now see Kayla cut herself and it is pretty deep, but they bandage her up and she is back in the game! They all get their dishes done and time for the tasting!

TASTING: The judges have been tasting throughout the hour and will now taste three of the dishes that stood out to them. They are:

  • Jenna – Gordon said it looks amazing. He said it is rich, creamy and absolutely delicious. Joe said this dish is excellent, but the mango is a little overcooked.
  • Jack – Graham said the flavor is awesome and the technique is great, but maybe a little more salt.
  • Kayla – Joe said it is really good and it is an excellent dish. Gordon said it is delicious, light and crispy, but maybe a little too much pastry.

RESULTS: The judges discuss the dishes and it is a close one, but the winner of this first challenge is Jenna and Jack and Kayla!!! Gordon said it was so close that they couldn’t pick a winner, so all three will join them in the pantry and receive the advantage tonight!

ELIMINATION TEST: For their first advantage, all three of them will not cook in the challenge and safe for the night. They will now pick what dish the other home cooks will be cooking and it is pasta tonight. They have three dishes from: ravioli, lasagna and pappardelle. They discuss the dishes and pick pappardelle for them to cook!

The winners get to eat some ice cream and watch from above as the other kids start making their pasta and Riley is adorable! Parker is having some issues and he is all flustered and they are worried he is not going to finish his dish! He thinks he burnt the sauce and Gordon comes over to help him out and says it is not that bad. He calms him down and it is so nice to see. All the kids get their dishes done and time for the tasting!


  • Andrew – Gordon said simply delicious and pasta cooked beautifully and great finesse on the plate. Joe said this is about as good as pasta served in many restaurants.
  • Riley – Graham said pasta is cooked perfectly and the sauce is really rich and seasoned perfectly.
  • AJ – Joe said the pasta is uneven, but lots of flavors in the sauce and good effort.
  • Jimmy – Gordon said the dish is absolutely delicious, the sauce rich, texture of pasta is one of the best and great dish.
  • Jianna – Graham said the sauce is really tasty, but he wanted more of it.
  • Quincy – Gordon said the pasta was mushy and overcooked and it was spicy.
  • Parker – Joe said the pasta tastes good and tastes good in his mouth, but needs more sauce.
  • Philly – Gordon said we don’t have salt and could have been really good and looks nice, but tastes bland.
  • Ryan Kate – Graham said pasta is cooked beautifully. Should have cooked the sauce differently, but good job overall.

RESULTS: The judges discuss all of the dishes and the kids are worried about what is to come on MasterChef Junior 2015! The judges ask Philly, Jimmy, Jianna, Quincy, Ryan Kate, AJ, Andrew and Parker to come down. The three standout dishes come from Jimmy, Ryan Kate and Andrew. As far as eliminations go tonight, it is the end of the road for all the other kids. That means Philly, Jianna, Quincy, AJ and Parker have been eliminated tonight!

What do you think of the results on MasterChef Junior Season 3 tonight?

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